Hospitality PR: the Good, the Yummy and the Undeniably Delicious

Hospitality PR

When it comes to food, I’ll try anything once. I’m a lover of all cuisines and a sucker for anything dipped in chocolate (maybe not anything, but definitely close to it).


So, I’m a foodie at heart, you get it. Why is this important, you ask? I am an intern on the Hospitality PR team here at 451 Marketing, that’s why.

From lobster roll video shoots to mini chocolate cupcake media runs; I have been getting a taste of everything, literally. Somebody’s got to make known the best eats around Boston! And when our days revolve around food, what more could I ask for from an internship?

But, it’s more than articles such as “The 10 Best Restaurants in Boston” and “Classy City Cocktails” that fuel my foodie fire. Food is something people use to communicate, celebrate and connect. Society revolves around food. Didn’t someone say the greatest ideas are created over great meals? Maybe I just made that up, but someone will quote me one day.

Plus, the restaurant industry is no joke. An Ohio State University study stated 60% of restaurants do not make it past the first year, and 80% do not make it past five years (source). Restaurateurs need to find the best ways to reach the right audiences, and that’s where the Hospitality team at 451 comes in:


The team helps local restaurants and hotels find their specialties and announce them to the public. Research is a daily practice, requiring the team to stay on top of the popular outlets and current trends buzzing around Boston. But, relationships are the true key to the city – as with any PR position – and this team works hard to create, foster and build them. I see working in hospitality as an asset, because they’ve got the means to entertain their network over some high-class meals! If I were a client, I’d be impressed just over drinks at some of these restaurant locations (but, of course I’d wait until dessert because that’s my favorite course).


If there is one thing I have learned while working with this team, it is that PR will present you with new challenges, and you need to be able to face them with a can-do attitude. Having an open mind (similar to one that likes to try new foods) is a great quality to have in this industry. Need to write a press release? Sure. Can we research food bloggers in the area? On it. How about pick up pizza for lunch on Friday? Random, but as long as I get a slice, OK!

With a new schedule every day, there are plenty of opportunities to learn from and more that you can’t even expect. It’s like heading into a new restaurant and trying something new off the menu: exciting, different, and (most of the time) satisfying. So bring on the next course, 451, cause I’m hungry for more!

Ron Swanson

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