7 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Make for 2016

7 Digital Resolutions

‘Tis the season to start thinking about your resolutions. Cliché resolutions usually don’t stick and typically won’t make a big difference in your year. Digital marketing resolutions will stick and can make a big difference in revenue for your company or client. Doesn’t it make more sense for us to focus on digital resolutions than join that gym we won’t go to?

These are resolutions you should make as a digital marketer this year. When it comes to these resolutions, you’ll really pay for slacking off, and it won’t just mean being stuck in that gym membership. It could mean a lack of success for your business.

1. Do More With Video

If you think you heard a lot about video in 2015, prepare to hear even more in 2016. YouTube is the second largest search engine. This means if you have created video or are thinking of creating video, host them on YouTube (and be sure to optimize the title and description). In addition, consider using video for advertising. Google is finally on board with in-SERP video advertising which is a sign that users are also more on board. Aside from YouTube and advertising, create short, run, informative videos for social platforms, such as Instagram.

2. Prepare for the App Revolution

Google now indexes apps which means your app content can appear in Google mobile search results. As most marketers are aware by now, apps can offer customers and potential customers a great experience with your brand. This year is sure to bring more apps from businesses aimed at a customized experience and potentially more exposure in the SERPs.

3. Think Mobile—Even More

In 2016, it’s predicted that mobile will trump desktop for a lot of brands. Consider this in your planning across all digital marketing. Could your company or client benefit from a different mobile bidding strategy on paid? How about your website’s optimization, could you make improvements? The biggest thing is discovering your client’s buying journey and what part mobile plays in this journey.

4. Plan for Ad Blocking

According to AdAge, ad-blocking software has risen 48% within a year. This has caused more companies to explore social media, native ads, and other alternatives. While paid advertising obviously remain relevant, it’s a great reason to experiment with other forms, like those just mentioned. If your company has only done paid advertising on search, 2016 is the year to test other venues. Find the right social media advertising plan for your brand. Also consider ways in which you can personalize your search marketing, whether by email lists or specialized remarketing campaigns.

5. Plan for Wearable Tech

Does it seem like everyone you know got an Apple Watch for Christmas or is it just me? Apple Watches and other wearable technology could have a huge impact on marketing, especially local marketing, this year. How can you utilize such devices to capture clients in your area? Could you learn more about buying behavior with these devices? Ask these questions and utilize the answers in your 2016 planning.

6. Consider Podcasts Aren’t Just for Serial

Search Engine Journal mentioned in their “10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2016” post that approximately 46 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly, and the average listener listens to six a week. Could your company benefit from sponsoring a podcast? Depending on your company, you may be a great candidate to host a podcast. Think about the ways in which you could use this medium throughout the year.

7. Start Snapchat

If you are looking to target Millennials, this is a great platform to do so. It’s a great venue to connect and engage with Millennials, but be prepared to make your message very short and sweet. When it comes to Snapchat the numbers may surprise you: live events are viewed at higher rates than TV for Millennials and the segment of people 25-54 years old makes up 35% of Snapchat users.

What are your Digital Marketing resolutions for the New Year? Learn more about Digital Marketing at 451 Marketing here!

Brittany Eagar

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