Weekend Blizzard, Planet 9, Eye Vision, & Citgo Sign For Sale

Weekly Roundup 1.22

Top Story: Weekend Blizzard Watch

According to the National Weather Service (NWS) the East Coast is expected to experience snow… lots of it! Just when it seemed that our winter weather had been somewhat calm compared to the 109 inches Boston experienced in the 2015 season, the snow has now arrived.

This weekends storm, named Jonas, has residents in a half-dozen states along the East Coast being warned to keep their travel plans light and to prepare for potentially damaging winter weather starting early this weekend.

For places like the Metropolitan DC and Baltimore areas, this storm could possibly drop two feet of snow. Mayor Muriel Bowser stated this storm could have “life and death implications,” as she urged people to prepare for more than 2 feet of snow.

“As food and supplies vanished from store shelves, five states and the District of Columbia declared states of emergency ahead of the slow-moving system. Schools and government offices closed pre-emptively. Thousands of flights were canceled. College basketball games and concerts were postponed” (CBS NEWS).



Louis Uccellini, Weather Service Director said:

“The snowfall, expected to continue into Sunday, could easily cause more than $1 billion in damage and paralyze the Eastern third of the nation.”

Under the Radar: Planet 9

Fans of Pluto: you may have a new favorite. “Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have found evidence in the outer solar system of an object that could be a real ninth planet”(CNN).planetninebig_9d3d808c85f8c845086ab5048b6a335b.nbcnews-fp-1240-520


According to Caltech, Planet Nine “has a mass about 10 times that of Earth and orbits about 20 times farther from the sun than Neptune,” which means “it would take this new planet between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make just one full orbit around the sun. (CNN)

Although this potential planet isn’t considered a true planet yet! Caltech is pretty confident that the mass of this object is large enough to be considered to be a planet, so stay tuned on more information.

Tool of the Week: EyeVision System

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching us, CBS has release an exciting new viewing experience to sport fans. CBS Sports’ broadcast will include “5K cameras covering the event and a new EyeVision 360 replay system that gives viewers a 360-degree perspective and higher resolution”(CBS)



“The EyeVision 360 system, comprised of 36 cameras strung around the upper deck of Levi’s Stadium, has the ability to freeze the moment and revolve around the play, then continue to play out the scene. It allows viewers to have a look in a moment’s time from what the quarterback sees in the pocket to the safety’s perspective or other points on the field” (CBS)

This new viewing experience will allow viewers at the event or just sitting at home on their couches a whole new experience. With the 360 view and replay features it will be easier for fans to understand what is happening on the field and get the feel that they are actually on the field with the players.

Check out this new technology on February 5th for Super Bowl 50!

AROUND THE HUB: Iconic Citgo Sign For Sale (Sort Of)

Thursday Boston University, the owner of the Kenmore property with Boston’s iconic Citgo sign above it, has announced that they will be selling the building and a few others in the Kenmore area.

Secret Places-5944913

[Boston Globe]

According to the Boston Globe, the landmark to the Fenway neighborhood has been around since the 1960s and has been a huge staple and backdrop to Fenway Park. “But the property sale raises questions about the sign’s future. It is not a protected landmark and BU said there are no conditions included in the terms of the sale, though a university official said he expected it would probably stay put”(Boston Globe).

The sign is actually not included in the sale. It’s owned by a company that leases the air rights atop of 660 Beacon Street. It will be up to the new owner if they will continue with the lease or not.

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