Australian Icebreaker, “Reach Across the Aisle,” Facebook Emotions, & Boston Brew Bus

weekly roundup 2.26

Top News: Australian Icebreaker

An Australian icebreaker that was scheduled to take 30 researchers home ran aground in a blizzard at 9:15 a.m. local time Wednesday. A ski-equipped U.S. airplane was called in to extract the stranded researchers. “The specialist Lockheed LC-130 aircraft will transport the group while attempts to re-float Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis continued to be hampered by bad weather, the Australian government’s Antarctic Division said in a statement (NBC).”

According to NBC, the plan in the next few days is for the plane to transport the researchers to the Davis and Casey research stations, two facilities run by Australia on the Indian Ocean side of Antarctica. They will then be flown home by the Australian Antarctic Division’s A319 Airbus.

Under Radar: “Reach Across the Aisle”

To celebrate the election season Jet Blue put on a social-experiment-slash-promotion called “reach across the aisle.” A random flight of passengers were offered the chance to fly anywhere in the world for free if every single person would agree on one destination.

“It is clear that the country is divided. Or is it? Can compromises be made for the greater good? See what happens when unsuspecting JetBlue customers are tasked with putting aside personal differences to reach across the aisle,” reads the video description on YouTube.

According to Fox, half of the plane was given red voting paddles and the other half was given blue voting paddles. Passengers first had to decide whether the trip was domestic or international. After that was settled, it came down to Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos Islands.

By the end of the flight they all compromised on one destination and scored their free tickets!

“If people compromise and work together, all parties can win.”

Tool of the Week: Facebook Emotions

This week’s tool is something Facebookers have been awaiting for. The ability to show more emotion towards post rather than just “liking” it. There has been many protest throughout the years to add a dislike button, but instead there is six new emotions! 56ccb2041e000021007029f6

“You can still “like” links, photos and status updates, but you’ll also be able to select more specific emoji-based reactions to communicate “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad” or “Angry.” A “Yay” reaction was previously tested but apparently axed for the final version” (HuffPost).


The “emotions” update was launched Wednesday and will be simultaneously offered on iOS, Android, desktop and mobile platforms.

Around the Hub: Boston Brew Bus

The Boston Brew Bus is starting brewery tours in Boston this spring! A company that has seen success in Portland, ME area is bringing their tour to Boston. It is a bus tour that will drive customers around to the different local breweries in the area in order to increase buying local.


The plans are still in the works but the bus company has plans to partner with 20 different sites and plans on specializing their tours based on their customer’s beer preferences. A couple ideas that are in the beginning of their planning stages are a All Day IPA, Best of the West, and Rise & Imbibe.

“This seems like an ideal time to expand our Brew Bus business into the Boston market,”  Zach, Founder of Brew Bus said. “By our count there are over 40 breweries and brewpubs currently operating or soon to be open in the area. But many area residents and most tourists can only name a couple of the larger ones when asked. We will literally open the doors to these amazing new places and show our guests the new producers of craft beer and more.”

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