Super Tuesday, Astronaut Returns Home, VR Rollercoasters, & Boston St. Patrick’s Parade

Weekly Roundup 3.4

Top News: Super Tuesday Results

Results of Super Tuesday shocked many Americans. Some of the results include: Hillary Clinton winning in Texas and throughout the South, and Donald Trump winning primaries from the Deep South to New England. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won his home state, Oklahoma and Alaska, Bernie Sanders won four states, and Marco Rubio won Minnesota.



For the Democratic Party it is looking like the former secretary of the state, Hillary Clinton, will be the Democratic presidential nominee. With her seven state victory in the South with high margins in results she is the front runner for the Democratic Party.

“After Donald Trump’s commanding wins on Super Tuesday, the road ahead looks increasingly rocky for main contenders Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, but that’s not stopping them from pushing what they think are their pathways to victory”(Wall Street Journal).

The only candidate that has a fighting chance to pull ahead against Trump is Ted Cruz. After Tuesday Ted finished with 231 delegates, only about 100 delegates behind Trump. All voters that are strongly against Trump are doing everything they possible can to increase Cruz’s supports.

The primary elections will continue until Tuesday, June 14th.

Under the Radar: Astronaut Returns Home

Astronaut Scott Kelly has just returned home after spending almost an entire year at the International Space Station. According to CNN, he was welcomed home by his twin, second lady Jill Biden and various NASA officials. He was brought apple pie and beer as a welcome home present — what is more American than that?



In a statement, the White House said, “Kelly’s year in space would provide critical data to researchers trying to understand how to keep astronauts healthy during long space voyages and fulfill the President’s vision of putting American astronauts on Mars in the 2030s.”

Kelly was also participating in NASA’s “Twins Study” to see what changes occur to his physical appearance while being in space comparing to his identical twin. During his year in space he was examined to have grown two inches taller. When in space, spines elongate. However, it’s not permanent. It took Kelly only two days to return back to his normal size.

Some of the things Kelly mentioned that he was the most excited to do once he returned to earth was to jump into his pool in his astronaut gear and to have some fresh foods with his loved ones.

Tool of The Week: Virtual Reality Roller Coasters

Samsung and Six Flags Theme Parks are teaming up to bring roller coasters a whole new exciting experience. Some of the roller coasters at Six Flag’s theme parks will give their riders the option of wearing virtual reality headsets while being on the rides.



“A total of nine rides spread across the US will have the new option, and six of those will show a “New Revolution” futuristic battle to save Earth from an alien invasion. The other three will serve up a Superman-themed VR experience where riders must defeat Lex Luthor during a tour of Metropolis.” (engadet)

Want to be the first to experience this new technology at Six Flags? Season pass holders will be the first to get to try them out as a trial run before it is released to the rest of the public. Six Flags also claims that you won’t have to worry about motion sickness as the visuals are synced with the movement of each roller coaster.

Around the Hub: Annual St. Patrick’s Parade Shortened

Boston’s mayor and police commissioner decided that it is in the best interest of public safety to shorten the annual St. Patrick’s parade in South Boston. According to, the parade will be the same route as last year’s snow-impacted shortened route. Instead of 3.2 miles, the parade is now only to be 1.4 miles.



“Parade organizer Timothy Duross said the city never consulted with the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council on the shortened route and never gave a reason”(

Duross is worried that this new parade route is going to miss a lot of the historical sites in South Boston that have been showcased in the past. Also they are worried that the crowds will be too tightly packed along the shorter parade route.

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