Marathon Bombing Survivor, Most Interesting Man in the World, Lookout App, & Discounted Rates From Lyft and Uber During Late Night Service

Weekly Roundup 3.11

Top Story: Marathon Bombing Survivor Part of Fatal Crash 

Only a three short years ago Victoria McGrath was featured in the news as a victim of Boston’s Marathon Bombings. She was one of the lucky ones that was able to recover from her injuries, and was able to return to Northeastern University. Over this past weekend, McGrath and her roommate were killed in a car crash in Dubai on their way to Bali for their Spring Break.


[Boston Globe]

“I thought that after surviving the Marathon bomb that that girl was invincible,” said Bruce Mendelsohn, who applied the tourniquet to her schrapnel ridden leg that day in April 2013, and saved her life.

“The women were riding in a yellow two-seat Ferrari that crashed into a pole, Torres said. Also killed were Canadian boxer Cody Nixon and a man believed to be Nixon’s cousin, according to media reports. Nixon had rented the Ferrari” (Boston Globe).

“Let us gather our grief and understand what it truly is — a transmutation of our love for Victoria — and let that understanding motivate us to be constructive as we eventually emerge from this tragedy,” the parents wrote. The parents asked that mourners make donations to Four Block, a nonprofit organization that helps veterans transitioning to the civilian workplace.”


Under the Radar: Most Interesting Man in the World Retires 

Dos Equis’s ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ is throwing in the towel after 9 years of being the ad campaign character.


[Business Insider]

According to NBC, Dos Equis’ parent company said the campaign would continue with a new actor, and that they wanted make it feel more “contemporary.” They’re not revealing details yet.

“Culture has changed very dramatically” since the commercials debuted, Katz says. “Our Millennial drinker has changed quite dramatically, and the competition has only exploded with the advent of craft (beer). We just want to make sure that the (Most Interesting Man) story evolves.” (USA Today).

Tool of the Week: Lookout App 

A cool new app can be downloaded directly to your Apple watch that allows you to set off your iPhone with a screaming noise if you lose it. Forget the mini heart attack you have every time you lose your phone!


The app is called Lookout and essentially is a “digital leash for your iPhone, with a few features that help you track down your phone even if the you are out of range” (Mashable).

According to Mashable, it uses the strength of the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your watch to set a distance meter that shows how far away you are from your phone. If you do move out of range and lose the Bluetooth connection, the Watch app will buzz your wrist.

“Lookout has also included a couple features that may help, should your phone be lost or stolen. Even if you’re not connected to your phone, the Watch app will show you the last location where your phone and watch were connected. If you still can’t find it, the app has a “scream” feature that could scare away potential thieves” (mashable).

Lookout’s Apple Watch app is available now with the latest version of the company’s iOS app

Around the Hub: Discounted Lyft and Uber Rides after MBTA Late Service Ends 

Boston has been up in arms due to the cancellation of the late night service ending in March. “The ride-sharing services Lyft and Uber announced Monday that they would introduce temporary, late-night discounts in the Boston area as the MBTA discontinues its late-night weekend service” (Boston Globe).


[Boston Globe]

According to the Boston Globe, Lyft is offering 75 percent on “Lyft Line” rides between 12:30 a.m. and 4 a.m. on the weekend of March 19. After that weekend discounts will be around 45 to 55 percent through mid-April.

Uber is saying that they will allow riders to pay $5 for rides that run along the subway lines through their UberPOOL service from 12:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. and this will be offered starting March 19.

“We know the end of late-night MBTA service will affect many people and we wanted to help ease that transition once that service ends and help people get where they need to go safely and affordably late on weekend nights,” Chris Taylor, Uber’s general manager for Boston, said in a statement.

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