Twitter’s New Direct Message Feature

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Social media is often full of rants and raves, but, with stellar customer service and a dedicated social media team, brands can still come out on top.

As social media marketers, we often find ourselves scratching our heads at the latest algorithm change. You hit your social marketing groove and then, BOOM, algorithm change! Why, Facebook? WHY??? But, sometimes a social media platform comes out with a new feature that has us saying YAAASSSS!

And in February, Twitter did just that. Our little birdy friends are making it easier than ever to provide meaningful support to our customers and fans.

Instead of kindly asking a user to DM you…

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…you can now embed a deep link that allows the user to click a call to action button that leads them to a direct message. These are the small wins that make our jobs easier, and who doesn’t love that?

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This is an important feature for almost every brand to familiarize themselves with, especially if you ever need to identify personal information from a user to assist them further.

If you are performing customer service to the standard that social media users expect, you will need to handle situations quickly, smoothly, and come up with real solutions. A direct message helps get the job done while keeping the user’s personal information private. Now, it’s easier than ever to transition the conversation.

Want to learn more about this Twitter feature? Check this out. If you want to learn more about 451 Marketing, see our website.

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