Brussels Terror Attack, U.S. Hospital Hacked, Tinder’s Presidential Candidate Match, & Boston Parking App

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Top Story: Brussels Terror Attacks

After months of playing hide and seek with the Paris terror attack suspect, Salah Abdeslam, Belgian officials finally captured him in a Brussels’ suburb of Molenbeek.

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A week later, two explosions occurred at the Brussels main airport on Tuesday, and then another at a downtown subway station close by. The attacks killed 31 people and injured 270 others.

“You can feel the fear on the streets today,” said Souheil, 21, who was taking the train Wednesday morning to his internship at the European Commission, near where the explosion at the Maelbeek metro station detonated Tuesday. “But you can also see that people want to fight it. It’s a good thing.”

According to CNN, Prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw identified Ibrahim El Bakraoui as one of the airport suicide bombers, and his brother, Khalid El Bakraoui, as the man behind the suicide blast near the metro station.

Officials have stated that ISIS has claimed responsibility for these recent attacks. Early Friday morning recent reports claim that “ten more suspects have been arrested in three European countries as police step up efforts to prevent further attacks after the Brussels bombings” (BBC).

Under the Radar: U.S. Hospitals Being Hacked

Another U.S. hospital has been put under attack by computer hackers. This time, it was a mid-sized hospital in Western Kentucky. The hospital stated that they were “in an internal state of emergency” on Friday. Their computer network was left completely useless.



According to CNN, The hospital was hit with ransomware, a particularly nasty type of computer virus that encrypts computer files. Hackers don’t give you a key to unlock documents until they are paid a ransom. Reports stated that no patient data or records that were compromised.

“[Hospitals] have critical information and money to pay,” said Ed Cabrera, an executive at Trend Micro. “They’re seen as easy targets.”

The hackers demanded that the hospital pay four bit coins (about 1,656 dollars) in order to get their files back. The hospital has chosen to fight back and refused to give any sort of payment. They have shut down the infected part of the computer system and are using the backed up data elsewhere.

This has been a recent trend occurring at several hospitals all over the country.

Tool of the Week: Tinder’s Presidential Candidate Match

Tinder has partnered up with Rock the Vote to match you with the presidential candidate that best fits you!


“While scrolling through potential Tinder dates, users may see a Swipe the Vote video card; tap it to pull up a series of positions on hot-button issues. Tap each card to learn more about the topic, and then swipe right if you agree or left if you disagree. Prompts include, “Keep same-sex marriage legal” and “Drill for oil and gas in the US,” for example” (Engadget).

After going through 10 different issues it will prompt you with which candidate you side with the most. Then it has a break down of the percents of the amount you side with for the other remaining candidates.

According to Buzzfeed, Tinder will be collecting the anonymized data, with the potential to release it “if it makes sense,” which presumably means “if our users don’t all turn out to be massive Trump fans.”

At the end, as well as showing your match, Tinder will also help you register to vote if you haven’t already, simply by emailing you the form relevant to where you live in efforts to increase voting numbers across the United States.

Around the Hub: Boston Parking App

The City of Boston has created a new app for helping the tourist and residents of Boston with the tedious task of parking in the city. The app will allow you to pay your meter fee directly from the app. The worry of not having enough change is in the past! The app also has handy pop-up reminders if your meter time is running low.


When downloading the app it will ask for your car information and your choice of payment method. After all the required information is entered you are able to park at any metered spot, enter the zone number that is listed on the nearest meter, and enter the amount of time you’d like to stay, with a max of two hours.

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