It’s Here: The Instagram Algorithm Change

Instagram algorithm change

I’ll just come out and say that Instagram is my favorite social platform. l’ll even admit that it’s the first app I open after turning off my alarm clock. (I mean, doesn’t everyone?) I even liked the last round of changes that came out at the end of last summer! So needless to say, the algorithm change announcement is leaving me a little conflicted. (If you haven’t heard, Instagram will now sort posts in your feed based on what they think you’re most interested in, instead of chronological order.)

As an Instagram user, I’m not sure I mind it. It might be cool to see certain posts first because it’s what, historically, I’m most interested in. According to Instagram, I’m missing 70% of my feed, so maybe now I’ll instantly see the good stuff! But, I’m also that person that scrolls to the last image I saw, no matter how long it takes. Clearly, I’m gonna have to learn to let go. Not to mention, advertising on Instagram is probably going to skyrocket, and when I get an ad that I’m mistargeted for, I’m not always such a fan. Also, the cool thing about Instagram is that you can constantly find new accounts to follow and interact with as your tastes and preferences change.

However, as a marketer, my job just got a bit harder. This change means that my content needs to be super engaging, because that’s how Instagram will determine if someone is “interested” in seeing what I share. It’ll also be important for brands to work with others, like influencers. As Social Times explains, influencers will likely be a way for brands to boost their reach and get in front of their audience.

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the change, but don’t worry! According to Instagram, we’ll know exactly when it happens.

I see both sides to the argument. It’ll be interesting to see how brands get creative to get around this change, and how users react to it. What side of the argument are you on? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hilary Bokoff

Hilary Bokoff is a social media content coordinator at 451 Marketing!

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