EgyptAir Hijacking, Mystery Object Hits Jupiter, Flipd App, & Back Bay Station Makeover

weekly roundup 2.26

Top Stories: EgyptAir Hijacking

On Tuesday, there were reports that EqyptAir’s Flight 181 was hijacked during its short trip from Alexandria to the Egyptian capital. A flight that should only take about an hour ended up being redirected to Cyprus.

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Seif El Din Mustafa, the man behind the hijacking, threated crew and passengers with a fake explosive belt, forcing the plane to divert to Cyprus. Officials described him as “unstable” and his motives were apparently over issues involving his ex-wife.

According to the ministry, this is not Mustafa’s first brush with the law, Egypt’s Interior Ministry said. The 58-year-old has a criminal record that includes “forgery, impersonation, burglary and drug dealing.” Even though Mustafa’s history with the law the staff and passengers of Flight 181 were luckily not harmed.

According to CNN, The incident ended relatively peacefully Tuesday when the plane’s crew and passengers left the aircraft and authorities took the hijacker into custody.

Under the Radar: Mystery Object Crashes into Jupiter 

In case you missed it, video evidence shows that a mystery object hit Jupiter. According to CNN, “Amateur astronomer Gerrit Kernbauer, from Modling, Austria, said he documented the incident on March 17 while observing the planet with a telescope. He posted the video on YouTube, drawing over a million views.”



Although the object might be small, Plait said he believes the impact was pretty powerful. “An object will hit Jupiter with roughly five times the velocity it hits Earth,” he said, meaning even a small rock can pack a powerful punch. However, the impact probably didn’t leave any visible damage to Jupiter’s cloud top, he said.

After analyzing the couple different video sources Kernbauer had of the crash, he guessed it could have been an asteroid or a small comet. He stated that, “Jupiter sits on the edge of the asteroid belt and it is so big that its gravity can affect other objects over time and pull things towards it.”

Even though it was said to be a powerful hit to Jupiter there was no evidence that the object made any serious damage to the planet.

Tool of the week: Flipd App

This week’s tool is an app that could help your productivity at work exponentially. There are two different settings based on how much aid you need to keep off your phone. The first mode will “Keep you on track by using a gasified ‘casual lock’ that challenges you to stay off your phone and stay focused for a certain period of time. If that isn’t enough the second mode is known as ‘full lock’ requires a bit of a set-up process, but can lock yourself out of your phone and hide away your apps. You’ll still have access to some of the basics (the phone and SMS app, for example), but your social media distractions will be gone until the timer runs out.”

Around the Hub: Back Bay Station Makeover 

The Back Bay MBTA station and its surroundings are getting a much-needed facelift. The station is under the development stage of getting a complete remodel. Boston Properties Inc. also announced on Tuesday they will be completely remarking an entire block next to the Back Bay Station.


According to the Boston Globe, the corner of Dartmouth and Stuart Street will give way to bright storefronts at the base of a 26-story office tower. The concourse in the adjacent station would be cleaned up, and the MBTA building expanded with a new floor or two that could house a supermarket and department stores.

“It should be seamless, to really tie these two communities together,” said Bryan Koop, Boston Properties executive vice president. “We’ve seen what happened when we linked the South End to the Back Bay through the Prudential Center. In some ways there’s a more powerful link” at Back Bay Station.

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