Kobe’s Last Game, Harvard Club Rejects Women, MightyTV, & New Balance 3D Printed Shoe

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Top News: Kobe’s Last Game

The third-leading scorer in the NBA history took the court for the very last time on Wednesday night against the Utah Jazz. After a very successful 20-year career, Kobe Bryant scored a spectacular 60 points in his farewell NBA game. Leading the Lakers to a 101 to 96 win to finish it off.



According to CNN, Bryant left the game with 4.1 seconds remaining, was swarmed on the court afterward by former teammates and coaches. “I can’t believe how fast 20 years went by,” he told the Staples Center crowd after the game. Bryant thanked the Lakers’ fans, his teammates and his family. He recalled how it was his dream to play for the Lakers, his favorite team growing up. “You can’t write something better than this,” he said.

Fans were willing to pay top dollar for a chance to witness Kobe’s last game. Most of the leftover tickets were selling for four figures on reseller StubHub. Some of the tickets prices were as high as 27,500 dollars! Kobe fans were willing to pay anything for a chance to say goodbye to their favorite player.

Here are some of Kobe’s send offs:

Under Radar: Harvard Clubs Still Reject Women 

Harvard University has a long history of having social clubs as part of their campus life. Some of those clubs go back all the way to the 1790s! These clubs, when founded, were for men exclusively. Harvard administration has been trying to break the tradition of gender exclusivity for a while now. Some clubs like the Fox Club and the Spee Club opened their doors to women. But six clubs, including the Porcellian, still admit only men.



According to the New York Times, Members of the oldest all-male club at Harvard have almost never spoken publicly about the organization since its founding in 1791. This week, that silence was broken when an official with the group, the Porcellian Club, said that admitting women could increase the chances of sexual misconduct.

“Forcing single-gender organizations to accept members of the opposite sex could potentially increase, not decrease, the potential for sexual misconduct,” Charles M. Storey, the president of the club’s alumni group, wrote on Tuesday in a letter to The Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.02.44 PM

Cecilia Sanders, a senior who is studying Earth and planetary sciences, called the comments “a really troubling sentiment, and I think it’s a really dangerous idea that men- and women-identified people can’t be in the same space and behave with equal respect and regard for one another.”

Eventually, Mr. Storey, who is also the president of the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, had posted an apology to the company’s website. “I chose my words poorly,” he said, “and it came out all wrong”

Tool of the week: MightyTV

Swiping left or right can now help you sort through all of the options in your streaming queue. Thanks to MightyTV, you should spend a little less time scrolling aimlessly through the seemingly endless menu of options.



The app will give you options of all different movies and TV titles. From there, you swipe right to like and hold to love it, swipe left to dislike and up to skip for the time being. Based on your likes and dislikes MightyTv will give you recommendations on what to watch, saving you time deciding.

The app uses all of the different streaming channels that you have subscriptions too. Also another awesome tool is that you can watch trailers or small clips to see if you are interested in the movie/TV show before you decide. MightyTV also has a setting where it will show you what’s popular among your friends list.

The app is available now on iOS and soon make its way to Android.

Around the Hub: New Balance 3D-printed Shoe 

On April 15th, New Balance is releasing its first ever 3D-printed sneaker, but hurry before they run out! New Balance stated that only 44 pairs will be available online and also at the New Balance Experience Store on Boylston Street in downtown Boston. Retailing at 400 dollars per pair!

According to Boston.com, New Balance collaborated with 3D Systems, a 3D printing and manufacturing company based in Andover, to develop the shoe’s midsole out of their newly developed material, Duraform Flex TPU, which creates a balance of flexibility, strength, weight, and durability, according to New Balance.



“New Balance is at the forefront of 3D printing and has been utilizing this exciting and innovative technology to customize product for our athletes for a number of years,” New Balance President and CEO Robert DeMartini said in a press release. “Our unique position as both a manufacturer and retailer allows us to bring the world’s first 3D printed running midsole to market.”

Get your pair before they all run out!

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