How to Achieve Work-Life Balance: The Foodie Edition

Work-Life Balance

Two weeks ago, 451’s work-life balance committee brought in a work-life balance coach (yes, those exist!) to chat with the entire agency. We discussed the importance of finding balance between the three main parts of your life: work, love/family/friends, and YOU. Ever since, I’ve been thinking a lot about the often-underrepresented category, “you,” and how I can sneak a little bit more of “me” into my day-to-day life, especially during the hours of 9-5.

Now if you’re anything like me, grabbing a delicious meal has “you” written all over it. And what’s better? Enjoying said delicious meal outside in the sunshine. It’s because of this that I challenge you to join me and pledge to take a real lunch break, outside, at least once per week this spring and summer.

Luckily I’ve already done the hard part – compiling the warm day lunch break bucket list. Not convinced yet? Read on…

Boston Public Market on the Greenway 


The Boston Public Market has been a favorite for many 451’ers ever since it opened its doors almost a year ago. But, instead of taking my keen whaaat salad from Mother Juice or my deliciously juicy pastrami sandwich back to my desk, I’ll be bringing it outside. It’s actually proven that taking a lunch break will make you more productive, and eating outside makes you healthier! Who knew. Not to mention, the Market is conveniently located right next to the Greenway – a favorite spot for the North End’s corporate lunch breakers.

Rustico at Love Joy Wharf


One restaurant that will always be an all-time favorite is Rustico, located on Canal Street. Believe it or not, Rustico was the first place that I went for lunch during my first day on the job at 451 over two years ago, and it’s always my first recommendation for North End newbies. May I suggest the Salad Special, Auntie’s Salad, or Penne with Broccoli?? Better yet, Rustico is located a quick walk from the Love Joy Wharf next to the Converse headquarters. Could it be any easier to enjoy a fresh cooked Italian meal while staring out at the water? Definitely don’t think so.

Monica’s at Langone Park 


If you haven’t tried an Italian sandwich from Monica’s, you are about to have your life changed.  Step inside and you’ll instantly be transported to Italy – and I can guarantee that you will want to buy everything you lay your eyes on. Go with the Italian sandwich or the steak tip sandwich and walk on over to the boardwalk near Langone Park. Take a seat on a bench and enjoy the view!

Now tell us, where is your favorite lunch spot to enjoy in the summertime?

Grace Galloway

Grace is Social Media Account Manager at 451 Marketing. Follow her on Twitter @GraceEGalloway!

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