Obama Letter to Schools, Honeybees, Kayak App, & Boston Ferries

weekly roundup 2.26

Top Story: Obama Administration to Issue Guidance on Public Schools

As of this Friday morning, the Obama administration will be issuing guidance in the form of a letter to all public schools in the United States directing them to let transgender students use the bathrooms matching their gender identity. According to CNN,

“A joint letter from the Departments of Education and Justice will go out to schools on Friday with guidelines to ensure that “transgender students enjoy a supportive and nondiscriminatory school environment,” the Obama administration said on Thursday.”

LGBT groups nationwide are praising the decision to send out the letter,

“These groundbreaking guidelines not only underscore the Obama administration’s position that discriminating against transgender students is flat-out against the law, but they provide public school districts with needed and specific guidance guaranteeing that transgender students should be using facilities consistent with their gender identity,” said Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin.”

Under the Radar: Honeybees in San Francisco


You’ve probably heard of Burt’s Bees’ efforts to raise awareness of the threats against honeybees by removing the letter “B” from their logos and words. Many other brands are supporting the effort to grow the population of honeybees in the United States with their own similar campaigns, but 7 hotels in San Francisco are doing things a little different.

The 7 hotels have built hives on their rooftops. This effort not only helps the bee population, but hotels are able to use the honey that is being produced right at their fingertips. At one particular hotel, the Clift, there are about 100,000 bees living on the rooftop, and at the Fairmont hotel their rooftop is able to support around 250,000 bees.

“This is not about making money, it’s really about raising awareness about sustainability,” said Melissa Farrar, spokeswoman at the Fairmont in San Francisco. “There’s not one solution so we wanted to do our part to help. It’s part of the bigger effort for helping the planet.”

For even more information, check out this ABC News article.


Tool of the Week: Kayak’s New App

As if Kayak wasn’t already incredibly convenient when it comes to finding cheap travel deals, you can now use your Amazon Echo. Users can ask Alexa about flights, hotels, what time they need to leave to catch their flight, and where they can travel to on a specific budget.

For instance, according to this BostInno article, you can say, “Alexa, ask Kayak: where can I go for $400?,” and Alexa will respond, “Kayak’s data suggests that 400 could get you to Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle.” Although you cannot directly book your travel through Alexa quite yet, Kayak is looking into further developing the app.


Around the Hub: Boston Harbor Ferries

After a week of rain and cold in Boston, spring finally seems to be here! It’s time to get outside and enjoy all that Boston has to offer, particularly the islands. Hop on the ferry at Long Wharf or from the South Shore starting May 20, and visit either George’s Island or Spectacle Island.

Bring your own food or pick something up on the island and explore! Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with this unique experience.

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