Instagram: The Logo that Broke the Internet – Kind of

Instagram Logo

When an iconic brand undergoes a major rebranding, it’s almost guaranteed everyone from designers to average Joes will offer their two cents about the new look. And last week’s Instagram update was no different.

Instagram’s New Design

For the first time in years, Instagram’s logo went through a major redesign; moving away from its familiar retro camera icon to a cleaner simplistic design that’s well – pink.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out the redesign, below is the video Instagram released announcing their new look.

After watching the video, it’s clear that the designers behind the new logo did their homework. And from a branding standpoint, their new logo design makes total sense. Uber recently went through a rebranding earlier this year to not only update their look as the company has grown, but to plan for a new suite of apps like UberEATS. And Instagram’s rebranding is no different. Instagram has a whole family of apps that up until this point felt disconnected from the main Instagram app.

insta 1

Courtesy of Instagram

Instagram’s app also went through a major update, but unlike the logo redesign, Instagram stripped the majority of the color from the platform leaving users with a simplistic off-black and white design.

insta 2

Image courtesy of Bowtifullife

The Uproar

Within hours of the update, the internet was flooded with people commenting about the new redesign. Unfortunately for Instagram, the vast majority of these comments were negative. From Reddit to (ironically) Instagram, memes, gifs and jokes sprouted up of people taking jabs at the new logo. Below we’ve included some of the best responses from last week.

A photo posted by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on

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The Alternatives

Of course with such a strong online backlash, designers from around the world came to try and save the day by offering their own take on the new redesign. Take a look at some alternatives to the new redesign from designers around the world.

insta logo 1

Instagram logo by Safa Paksu.


insta logo 2

Instagram logo by Ruslan Khalikov.


instagram logo 3

Instagram logo by Michael Flarup.


insta 4

Instagram logo by Jack Kendall.


Unfortunately, whether the internet likes it or not, the new Instagram logo is here to stay. But now given the alternatives, do you think Instagram could have done a better job?

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