Top 5 Things to Look Out For at Your 451 Internship

Top 5 Things to Look Out For at Your 451 Internship

Top 5 Things to Look Out For at Your 451 Internship

By Andrew Stuart

Free Food

Within your first few days at 451, you will be inundated with free food. Each week, interns are invited to Coffee Break Academy, where they are trained on the different departments of 451. You can expect to be presented with coffee, squagels (square bagels), and assorted pastries at each of these meetings. When you are not in those meetings, you can make a quick trip to the front desk where you will find mints and chocolate. You are welcome to make multiple trips each day without being judged too much. If it’s a special day, you will walk into the office and be greeted by a tray of fresh donuts. If you are looking to eat healthy this summer, stay far away from 451.


Dogs Everywhere

As I am currently writing this blog post, there are two dogs running around the office chasing each other. Some coworkers even have dog beds and food at their desks to slowly win over the office dogs. At 451, interns are given actual work to do each day, so if you need a mental break, just visit the dogs and play with them for five minutes.


Glass Doors

I learned this one the hard way. The office has a very modern design, which makes working here an enjoyable experience. There are couches, comfy chairs, and whiteboard walls everywhere. What you really need to look out for are the glass doors. While they provide the office with a sleek look, they are quite deceiving. Within my first week of the internship, I managed to walk right into the glass door on the third floor. I highly recommend mapping out the entire office and remembering which glass doors to be aware of!


Nerf Guns

During the internship, you may be invited to join your team at a brainstorm on the couches on the third floor. These brainstorms are very effective in figuring out campaigns for clients, but it can be difficult to think of new ideas every once in awhile. To get your creative side going again, there is a conveniently placed nerf gun to take you back to your childhood. While I have never seen anyone shoot the gun, it is always entertaining to see a coworker wielding the weapon during the discussion.


Great Coworkers

Finally, I have saved the best for last. The highlight of interning at 451 Marketing has to be all of the lovely people you get to work with everyday. Each individual is quite knowledgeable in their field and can answer any questions you may have during your internship. While it may seem daunting at other internships to ask for help, the friendly personalities of everyone here makes it easy to get up and ask for assistance.



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