Instagram’s Eerily Familiar “New” Feature


Instagram’s Eerily Familiar “New” Feature

By Brittany Locklin

On August 2, the world was perpetually confused to see small circles with their friends faces looking back at them at the top of their Instagram feed. When clicked on, it brought up a feed featuring pictures from followers that would disappear in 24-hours. Sound familiar?

Snapchat just can’t catch a break. Every time they releases an exciting new feature, another social media platform is not far behind. Even users have started to notice, too. In fact, many Instagramers submitted stories questioning the platform’s intentions.  

While it doesn’t necessarily seem fair to Snapchat, that’s just the way it is. And while Snapchat was the real O.G. of stories, Instagram has taken what they created and potentially made it more valuable. Instagram stories could be a gold mine for social media marketers. People from all age demographics use Instagram, unlike Snapchat. With the introduction of stories, users who don’t have Snapchat can now view real-time content on Instagram.

Likewise, Instagram profits on connections. People are linked to each other through followers, tagging, and shared photos. They can chat via private message or comments easily with anyone across the globe. However, you can only become Snapchat friends with someone if you know their username and mutually add each other. For this reason, it is increasingly hard for brands to connect with users and grow your brand on Snapchat. Creating stories on Instagram allows users to be connected to their followers 24/7. Instagram also streamlined the features that Snapchat created by making them a little more user-friendly. Instead of swiping up to send a message from a story, the button is clearly labeled “send message.” The draw option is obviously a pen and the text option is the universal text icon. These features allow less technically-inclined users to easily catch-on to the new feature and start sharing their daily lives with their followers and fans.

Ultimately, the Instagram’s story could pose a threat to Snapchat as a platform. Whether or not Snapchat comes back swinging with an epic, new feature to cause users to keep coming back, remains to be seen. Until then, we’ll be able to peek into our friends, families, favorite brands and bloggers daily lives on both of these big-league platforms. And the time-tested saying does say, “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

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