5 Reasons Why 451 Interns Are Pirates

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Aye! Avast!

Ahoy there sailors! Here be 5 reasons why 451 Marketin’ interns be a band o’ pirates:

By: Rey Sawan, Social Media Intern


1.) Like pirates, interns are always on the hunt for something new: land, experience, friendships, and, obviously, treasures. Interns at 451 are given a golden opportunity to develop their skills in a specific field and even learn a variety of new skills from brainstorms, digital learning sessions, and one-hour sessions about each department (their called Coffee Break Academies here). As relationships develop between interns, it becomes clear that we are all here for a similar purpose: to immerse ourselves in a full-service agency, to tell stories, and to give back to 451. Our fierce desire to conquer new lands has lead us to one of the finest agencies in Boston, and it continues to flourish as our journey ensues.


2.) As interns, we have access to every aspect of the agency; we have been given the ship to sail across all facets of marketing. Whether it be digital, social, search marketing, creative, or public relations. With the freedom of a pirate – we get to manage our own client, work hands-on on multiple other clients, and roam from department to department taking inspiration from anywhere we can. We don’t ever fetch coffee (although we are more than happy to), sit at a desk aimlessly, or spend endless hours in the printing room.


3.) Pirates stay creative in the most difficult and unfavorable environments. We are creative but diligent. As pirates interns we have inherited the ability to adapt to any situation. Technology and change has fueled our generation. We are fully equipped (and ready) to adapt and conquer new challenges with our creative mind.


4.) Like pirates, we are all here to support one another in finding treasures, achieving goals, and telling stories. Plus, we do so with a pirate’s passion. The workspace at 451 is conducive to those two things: the open space breeds creativity and friendship. Each team invites warmth; they’re like a small, unique community. The bottomless supply of coffee and snacks not only encourages conversation, but also ensures that stuff gets done. Anything from sour patch candy food fights, to incredible and effective brainstorms can happen on a regular Monday. Now that’s what I call adventure!



5.) Like pirates at sea, we are prone to foreign invasion at all times. Sea creatures, which also have names like “pets,” “dogs,” “puppies,” and “cats,” have been known to stray the lands of 451. These dangerous creatures are incredibly powerful with their cuteness. They attack relentlessly with puppy eyes and soft cuddles. It’s almost impossible not to give in. But, at the end of the day, who can deny just a couple minutes to cuddle up and de-stress. After all, even pirates have hearts.

We’re excited to continue to hunt for these treasures, gain invaluable skills, create friendships, connections, and yes, even be conquered by a few sea creatures here and there!

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