Why You Should Be Using Instagram’s New Multiple Photo Feature

instagram multi photo feature


Late last month, Instagram announced a new feature that lets users upload multiple photos or videos (up to ten) in one post. Brands have already started utilizing the new feature, and if your brand hasn’t yet, they should be. Here’s why:

1. The success of Instagram Stories indicates that people want to be able to digest multiple pieces of content from the same person at once. For example, Stories have enabled people to post step-by-step videos. But, not everyone uses Instagram Stories, so this new feature enables step-by-step style content to be posted to the normal Instagram feed as well.





















2. It’s now possible for brands to convey a message through multiple pieces of content without “spamming” their followers. It’s never been “cool” to post too many times in a day, which is one reason why Stories has taken off. But as mentioned above, not everyone watches Stories, and the Instagram feed is still the most used part of the platform. That’s why the chance to upload more than one photo or video in a post is so exciting! No more pouring over photos and videos, trying to choose which one best tells the story you want to tell.





















3. Data from organic posts can now be more effectively used to make decisions regarding Instagram Ads. Ads have had the “carousel” capability for months. Now that organic posts have the same capabilities, brands can analyze what type of content performs best in a multi-image or video post, and use that information to create highly effective carousel ads.





















If you’re having trouble getting inspired, take a look at your own Instagram news feed and see what brands are doing. We bet that in no time you’ll have plenty of ideas for how to utilize this exciting new feature.

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