Digital Trends Wrap-Up: March 2017

DTR March 17


Social Media

  • Instagram Fosters a Safer, Kinder Community. Screens may now appear over sensitive photos or videos when users scroll through their feed. Learn more here.
  • Instagram Story Ads Available Globally. All business accounts can now launch ads optimized for reach in Instagram Stories. Read more here.
  • Twitter Introduces New Safety Features. Twitter rolls out new safety features aimed at giving users more control over notifications and the content in their timelines. Discover them here.
  • Twitter Moments Analytics Now Available. Creators of Twitter Moments can now view how well their content performed. Learn more here.
  • Go Live in More Ways. Users can now publish Facebook Live videos from their computer. Click here to learn more.  
  • Facebook’s Testing New Ad Placements. Learn more about the new ad placements that Facebook is testing in Instant Articles.
  • Facebook Enhancing Local Search. Facebook is testing an enhanced local search and discovery feature that offers business suggestions. Find out more here.
  • More Ways to Share with the Facebook Camera. Facebook’s rolled out a new camera with effects and two additional ways to share photos and videos. Learn more here.
  • Facebook Messenger Rolls Out Messenger Day. Users can now use frames, effects and stickers to share their day with friends. Click to learn more.  
  • Facebook Expands Measurement to More Advertisers. Click here to learn about the platform’s new measurement tools and more.
  • Optimize Your Campaigns with Split Testing. Facebook advertisers can now optimize their campaign with split testing. Learn more here.
  • Facebook Brings LIve 360 to Everyone. All Facebook profiles and pages now have the ability to livestream 360-degree video. Read more here.
  • Watch Instagram Stories Right from Your Home Feed. Click here to learn how to watch Instagram Stories right from your home feed.
  • Twitter Simplifies Conversations. Twitter will no longer count @usernames in a Tweet’s 140-characters. Learn more here.
  • Bringing Branded Content to More Pages. Facebook has announced three new ways publishers can share branded content. Discover them here.
  • Facebook is Testing a Second News Feed on Mobile. Headed by a rocket ship icon, Facebook is testing a News Feed that shares content they think users will like. Learn more here.
  • Facebook is Reminding Users to “Continue Watching” Videos. Facebook is testing out a notification that reminds users to continue watching videos they never finished. Read more here.  


  • Google Confirms the “Fred” Algorithm Update. The update appears to target bad links and has disproportionately affected sites that go against existing webmaster guidelines. Read more about it here and see the confirmation from Google here.
  • Google’s Switch to a Mobile-First Index is Still Months Away. Google says they’re “still experimenting” and “It could be a few months or quarters, but it’s definitely not weeks away”. Learn more about the switch here.
  • Search Algorithms are Learning to Recognize Objects in Videos. Google’s new “Video Intelligence API” can recognize the type of content a video is displaying, and can pull up videos with similar scenes with increasing accuracy and without having to rely on text. Learn more here.  
  • Is Google Trying to Monetize Voice Search? Google Home owners experienced an ad for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast over their systems, but Google argues that the promotion was just “content from their daily features”, not an ad. Read about the controversy here.
  • The Number of Hacked Websites Increased 32% in 2016. According to Google, 2016 saw a higher increase in sites who experienced a hacking event. Find out how to take precautions here.
  • Shortcuts in Search? Google recently announced “tappable shortcuts” for Android users who are using Google Chrome. Learn all about this brand new Mobile feature here.
  • Google Loses Major Advertisers Due to Extremist Content. Brands such as AT&T, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, and others are pulling their ads from YouTube due to the lack of action against fake news and extreme content. Read more here.
  • Google Improves Store Visit Measurement in AdWords. Check out the new features and innovations Google has released to measure store visits in AdWords, here.
  • The Return of Google Posts. The new platform called Google Posts has appeared and disappeared from the SERPs over the past several months, but the one-way social platform (where brands or individuals can publish content and be indexed instantly, without a space for audience engagement), appears to be back. Learn about it here.

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