Digital Trends Wrap-Up: April 2017

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Social Media

  • LinkedIn Introduces Matched Audiences. Click here to see LinkedIn’s three new ad tools.
  • Facebook is Testing Video Covers for Pages. Click here to see Facebook’s latest test: video covers.
  • Facebook is Testing Updates to Related Articles. Learn about Facebook’s latest News Feed update to Related Articles here.
  • Updates to Facebook Pixel are Coming. Discover the additional data the Facebook Pixel will soon provide to publishers.
  • Facebook Testing Background Colors on Links. Take a look at Facebook’s latest test, which ads background colors to links in page posts and suggested posts.
  • Snapchat Adds New Ways to Use Lenses. Click here to learn about Snapchat’s new World Lenses.   
  • In-Stream Video Ads Launch on Twitter. Click here to learn about how Twitter’s in-stream video ads help marketers tell their story.
  • Facebook Updates Video Metrics in Page Insights. Discover the new metrics Facebook Insights now provides to video publishers.
  • Facebook is Testing Group Tabs for Pages. Facebook is testing a way to make it easier for users to navigate between official brand pages and official groups. Learn more here.
  • Twitter Updates Private Messaging. Twitter users must now manually accepts PMs from accounts they don’t follow. Learn more here.


  • Site Speed is a Problem for eCommerce Websites. A study of 700 top eCommerce brands found that the majority are under performing when it comes to optimizing their sites for speed. Learn more about the importance of site speed here.
  • 50% of Page 1 Search Results Are HTTPS. A new Moz report predicts 70% of the page one results are going to be HTTPS by the end of 2017. Read about the importance of secure sites here.
  • Google Introduces “Similar Items” Suggestions in Image Search. The feature is designed to help searchers find other products which compliment the one they were initially searching for. Find out more here.
  • The New Google Earth Launched This Month. The revamped initiative now includes features such as knowledge cards in the search function and Voyager, which allows for curated content from publishers.  Learn more here.
  • Approximately 15% of Queries Are New Each Year. Google has stated that 15% of search queries are searches that Google has never seen before. Learn how this impacts Search here.
  • Voice Search Continues to Grow. Voice Search is continuously developing in terms of its adoption among consumers and its technological development. Read more here.
  • Project Owl is Google’s Latest Response to Fake News. The new initiative is Google’s three-pronged endeavor to fight back on problematic searches. Read about it here.
  • Mobile CPC Rates for Paid Search Rose 40% Year-Over-Year. 62% of all clicks are occurring on mobile compared with 49% a year ago, leading to the highest cost per click rates ever. Learn more here.

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