3 New Instagram Updates


Obsessing over Instagram has been my forte for quite some time now. But that doesn’t just mean posting pretty pictures, curating everything I eat, and stalking bloggers; it means keeping up with every minor update the platform might throw my way. These newest updates may not be life-changing like the removal of the chronological news feed and the personalized map (which by the way, I’m still super sad about), but they’re still important.


Bookmark Collections


Thanks to this little handy update, your bookmarked post are no longer just a million pictures saved into one large folder, but are now organized into separate “collections” or folders. This means that you can organize all your favorite recipes, travel tips, and more into different collections with a touch of a button (or two). Need a hip, new Boston restaurant to go to tonight? No problem – let me just take a peek at my “Boston Restaurant Scene” collection. (I don’t actually have one of those, but now I’m starting to think it’s a great idea.) Creating a collection and adding posts to it is super easy – see the steps below:

Find a post you love and want to keep in mind for the future.




2. Click the bookmark icon on the right of the post.

Choose which collection you’d like to add it to or create a new collection by pressing the plus sign on the top.



You’ll be able to view your bookmarked post either through the “All” or “Collections” tab.




You might be thinking this is starting to sound a lot like Pinterest, and you know what? You’re not wrong. But at the end of the day if it makes the user happier and the user experience better, then why not?


Mobile Web Version

The mobile web version update enables you to upload photos through your mobile web. This means that you can still be an Insta-addict without draining your phone’s battery. (Apparently, Instagram is
number four on the Top 10 Performing Draining Apps.) But don’t delete the app just yet! The update doesn’t let you upload videos or Stories, or use any of the Instagram filters. Basically, only use the web version if you’re on Low Power Mode…or if you need to temporarily delete the app to free up some storage while you take videos of your favorite band at Boston Calling. 😉




P.S. There’s still no word on whether the desktop web version will be getting the same love.


Pin Text & Stickers to Videos

This update, which lets you pin text and stickers to different sections of your Instagram Story video, may just be one of the many reasons users are switching over from Snapchat. It makes your video look much more interactive and fun. You might have seen this done by a few bloggers and influencers, but aren’t exactly sure just how they are managing to do it. Here’s how:

Open Instagram Stories and film a video.




2. Add the different texts and stickers you wish to include in your video.




3. Pick something to pin and hold down on it. The video will freeze and allow you to move the sticker/text to the desired position. Move to different parts of the video by sliding on the slider displayed just above the “Pin” and “Cancel” buttons.




One you’ve placed the sticker/text in the desired position, click “Pin.




And that’s it!



All in all, I think these updates are pretty exciting. They let you share your experiences in different ways, as well as save the posts you love without the fear of “losing” them amongst a million other bookmarked posts.

What do you think about the newest updates? Is there one in particular that you’re excited about?

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