Digital Trends Wrap-Up: May 2017

DTR MAY 2017


Social Media

  • Facebook Cracks Down on Clickbait. Click here to learn how Facebook News Feed is working to reduce clickbait headlines.
  • Facebook Reducing Links to Low-Quality Sites. Read more here about how Facebook News Feed will show fewer links to low-quality web pages.
  • Connect with Friends Through Facebook Live. Click here to learn about Facebook’s new Live Chat With Friends feature and more.
  • Facebook Updates Trending. Discover Facebook’s latest redesign of the Trending results page here.
  • Facebook Personal Fundraisers is Out of Beta. Facebook has officially made their personal fundraisers feature available to all users. Learn more here.
  • Facebook Discovers New Reporting Bug. Click here to learn about Facebook’s latest reporting bug that misattributed some clicks on video carousel ads.
  • Facebook is Automatically Creating Canvas Ads. Facebook is automatically adding images and links from landing pages to create canvas ads. Learn more here.
  • Instagram Rolls Out New Ad Objectives in Stories. Click here to learn about Instagram’s latest ad objectives that are now available in Stories.
  • Snapchat Introduces a New Type of Story. Snapchat users can now create custom stories. Click here to learn more.  
  • Pinterest Expands Its Ad Offerings. Click here to learn about Pinterest’s new Promoted Pin features.
  • Facebook Audience Ads Can Now Be Full-Width. Read more here about how full-width ads enable publishers to easily switch from traditional formats to more engaging ones.


  • Chrome Will Add New Warnings to Non-Secure Domains Later This Year. If your website isn’t on HTTPS by October 2017, Google Chrome will show two additional “not secure” warnings before users enter information on your site. Learn more here.
  • A Potential Google Algorithm Update Occurred in May. Shifts in search rankings across verticals have led industry leaders to believe that an algorithm update occurred in mid-May. Read about the current theories here.
  • 30% of All Google Results Generate a Featured Snippet. A new study shows that featured snippets are becoming more prominent in the SERPs, as well as being the go-to answer for Google Assistant and Google Home. Read the full study here.
  • Bing’s Deadline for Standard Text Ads is July 31st 2017. By the end of July, advertisers will no longer be able to edit standard text ads, and will only be able to create or edit ads using the extended text ads format. Make sure your team is aware, and learn more about the deadline here.
  • AMPs Are Being Integrated with Paid Search Ads. Google AdWords is testing AMP pages as landing pages, as well as speeding up the Google Display Network with AMP technology. Learn more here.
  • Google Announces “Google Attribution” Solution. The new, free solution can pull in data from Google Analytics, AdWords or DoubleClick Search to provide a more holistic view of conversion actions across channels. Read more here.
  • Links From Spammy Sites Are Different From Unnatural Links, Says Google. Google confirmed that a link from a spammy site does not need to be disavowed and that the real-time Penguin algorithm will handle them. Read more about the difference here.
  • Google Introduces “Instant Apps” for Android. Essentially like “AMP for apps”, it brings app experiences to the mobile web without forcing a full download of the app. Learn more here.
  • Google Assistant Has Broad Ranking Factors and App-discovery Channels. Learn about the three primary discovery channels, and what this will mean for tracking organic search and performance, here.
  • Google Will Begin Rolling Out its Job Search Feature. “Google for Jobs” will provide developers with a way to send them job listings. Read more about the brand new feature here.

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