Digital Trends Wrap-Up: June 2017



Social Media

Facebook Introduces New Metrics. Click here to learn about Facebook’s newest metrics, which help brands better understand interactions.

Snapchat Introduces Snap Map. Learn about Snapchat’s newest tool, which enables users to find their friends and explore the world.

Snapchat Expands Geofilter Offering. Learn how to make a custom Snapchat Geofilter right from your phone here.

Facebook Expands Click-to-Messenger Ads. Click-to-Messenger ads are now available on Instagram, allowing users to click on an ad and start a conversation with the brand.

Facebook Introduces New Photo Album Features. Discover the new ways users can share their memories with Facebook Photo Albums here.

Instagram Bringing More Transparency to Partnerships. Users will soon see “paid partnership with” as a sub-header on posts and stories. Learn more here.

Share a Replay on Instagram. You can now share a replay of your Instagram Live video to your Instagram Story. Click here for more.

Brands Can Now Control Tags in Branded Content. Page admins can now control who tags their page on Facebook. Read more here.

YouTube Introduces Heat Maps for 360 Video and VR. YouTube has introduced a new technology that tells publishers where users are focusing most on their videos. Learn more here.

Facebook Adds Closed Captioning to Live Video. Facebook recently introduced closed captioning to Live videos. Learn more here.

Facebook Cover Photos Get an Update. Users can now add a video to their Facebook cover photo. Learn more here.


Google Posts Launches for Google My Business Users. Through Google Posts, GMB users can create and post content that will appear in both Google search and maps results. Learn more about this helpful tool here.

Google’s AI-Powered Jobs Feature Launches. Searching for jobs just got easier with Google’s new search engine tool, which pulls from relevant job listings on LinkedIn, Monster, and individual company sites. Learn more about the tool here.

Suspected Google Search Algorithm Update on June 25th. The Search industry noticed a large amount of fluctuation in Google’s SERPs, which led many to believe that there was another update to the core algorithm. View the conversation here.

Mobile First Index Won’t Be Coming Until 2018. Google’s mobile-first index will be a large change, but the timeline for the rollout has not been officially determined and will be later than the industry expected. Read more here.

Gmail Will No Longer Be Used to Target Personalized Ads. Google says the consumer Gmail service will no longer be used to target personalized ads to an individual. For advertisers this means there will be one less source for delivering personalized ads. Learn more here.

Apple Maps Adds Indoor Mapping. IPhone users can now use Maps while inside malls and airports. Learn more about the feature here.

Google News Receives an Update. For the first time in 7 years, Google News got a redesign. New features include improved browsability and a clear tagging system. Read more about the update here.

Google Won’t Release Featured Snippets Analytics. There have been rumors that data from featured snippets/answer boxes would become available in Search Console, but Google has no plans to share the data. Read more about the development here.

AI has the Potential to Disrupt Many Major Industries. As AI becomes more prevalent in search engines and individual technology such as phones, it could disrupt industries such as finance, gaming, and telecommunications. Learn more about AI’s power here.

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