Digital Trends Wrap-Up: July 2017



Social Media

Snapchat Adds Links and More: Users can now add links, voice filters, and backdrops to their snaps. Learn more here.

Facebook Messenger Ads Go Global: The platform has released its messenger ads feature worldwide.

Facebook Updates Video Re-Share Insights: Changes have been made for both video creators and re-sharers.

Facebook Launches New Instant Articles Analytics Tool: Now publishers can see how their Instant Articles perform, and more metrics are coming. Click here to learn more.

Select Facebook Publishers Will Be Able to Modify Link Previews: News, sports, and entertainment Pages have been given access to a new tool. Find out what it is here.

Facebook Releases New Details About Its Subscription-Based News Product: The freemium model will be tested soon. See more details here.

LinkedIn Names Its 10 Best Company Pages: See the winners here.

Facebook Adds Seamless Payment and More to Messenger: Version 2.1 makes shopping within the app easier than ever. Check it out.

LinkedIn Adds Website Demographics: The LinkedIn Insight Tag will give users the ability to see who’s visiting their website. Learn more here.

LinkedIn Releases Multiple Photo Feature: The platform joins Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by adding this ability.

WhatsApp Posts for Product Marketing Manager Position: Many believe this means monetization of the platform is coming. See the job details here.

Facebook Tests GIF Creator: The feature is available via Facebook Camera to a small number of users. Find out more here.

Facebook Launches Marketplace Ads: A test is being run that could mean ads in its Marketplace feature. Get more info here.

LinkedIn Enhances Its Notifications Feature: Now users will get a Daily Rundown and updates on their search appearance. See the other updates here.

Facebook Creates New Custom Audience Instagram Feature: Soon it may be possible to create a custom audience based on interaction with an Instagram business profile. Learn more here.

Instagram Gives New Reply Options For Stories: Now users can reply with a video or photo. Get details here.



Google Confirms That Content Hidden In Tabs Is Okay by Mobile-First Index Standards. When the mobile first index rolls out later this year, web page content in tabs or hidden for user experience purposes will rank just as well as content in plain view of the user. Learn more here.

Google Testing New Design for Mobile Search Layout. It appears that Google is trying out a new SERP design on mobile that includes putting the URL at the top of search cards, and two ads at the top of the page compared to the usual four ads. Read more about the test here.

Bing Adds New Search Result Snippet Box Named “Popular Content”. The popular content box seems to display the most popular pages on a website, along with an image from the page. Read more about it here.

Google AdSense Bans Pop Up Or Pop Under Ads. Google is no longer permitting the placement of Google ads on pages that are loaded as or trigger a pop-up or pop-under. Read more from Google here.
Google Is Rolling Out a New Messaging Feature Within Google My Business. The new feature lets you message your customers directly via your Google local panel. When someone sees your company’s local panel in mobile search, they will see a “message” icon, which they can click to start a new message between the two of you. Learn more here.

New Survey Shows Users Prefer AMP Over Regular Content. The survey asked if users were more inclined to click on an AMP link than a regular one, and over 50% said yes they prefer the stripped down version of a site when reading an article. Read more here.  

Google Discontinues Instant Search. Google Instant Search, which showed search results as you typed them, has been removed in order to adapt to how searchers use mobile. Learn more here.

Google Expands Home Service Ads to More Cities & More Business Categories. Philadelphia is the latest city where business owners have been invited to participate, and several new business categories are now eligible as well. Learn more about becoming a Home Services Ads customer here.
Google Is Testing Auto-play Videos in the SERPs. Google is currently testing an autoplay feature. When you do a search for some movies and television shows, the video and audio will play automatically. Learn more about the test here.

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