Awareness Spread Like Wildfire


They say news tends to spread like Wildfire. We agree, which is why after seeing first-hand how influencer marketing has moved the needle for numerous client campaigns, we’ve conceived the aptly named Wildfire, a growing and energetic Influencer Community cultivated by Agency 451.

As the Director of Influencer Marketing at Agency 451, and over 8-years of experience in the influencer space, I’ve worked with everyone from moms blogging in their basement for a $25 Amazon gift card, to major celebrity endorsements. I’ve run campaigns for hundreds of Fortune 500 brands across all industries, and found there is no one topic or product that cannot benefit from influencer marketing.

Brands, how do you reach your consumers? Advertising? PR? Social media?  Or a combination of marketing efforts? Have you been paying attention to the influencers in your midst? Influencer marketing is a crucial part of a brand’s overall marketing blueprint. As seasoned marketers, we recognize the value of reaching an influencer’s passionate and loyal following to generate brand awareness, and of course, drive conversions and profits. Current research shows for every $1 a brand spends on influencer marketing, there is an ROI of $6.50.  That’s a 550% return. This, brand folks, is a no-brainer.

Let’s not forget the reason brands need influencers – authentic user-generated content. We’ve heard it be said that content is king. If that’s true, video is content’s taller, and more handsome older brother. And brands, don’t forget you need to share that stellar content.

With Wildfire, you get the strength of an integrated agency behind all influencer efforts. We are a rare combination of influencer marketing, public relations, social media, search engine optimization, digital advertising, and creative professionals all under one roof to provide a well-rounded approach to each campaign.

We also understand a customized and personalized approach to any campaign is the only way to go. While other agencies might rely on a formula, we have built long-standing relationships with every influencer in our network. We work one-on-one to determine if an influencer is right for your brand and can reach a variety of targeted audiences within any given campaign.

What brand message can we help spread like Wildfire? Connect with us here!

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