What to Expect & What to Forget: Facebook Updates to Come

By: Charlie Nash


The one thing we all know about Facebook is that its sphere of influence is always expanding … and with that, it is constantly changing. The platform actually changes so frequently that it can feel hard to keep up. Over the past few days, tech blogs have been filled with posts about updates and changes coming from the world of Facebook. Here are a few things you can expect:

Facebook is getting a ‘Snooze’ button.

Woman pressing snooze button on early morning digital alarm clock

Do you find yourself sifting through posts to find the ones you actually care about? With Facebook’s new ‘Snooze’ button you’ll be able to give your newsfeed a break from posts you don’t want to see. Where there is now an option to unfollow a page or profile, there will be a “Snooze or Unfollow” option that will allow users to hide posts from that friend, page or group for 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days …or forever.

Advertisers on Facebook won’t be able to edit news article headlines.


Advertisers on Facebook frequently promote articles that are written positively about their company or product. Often when they share an article they’ll post it with an alternative title that may communicate the message of their brand better than the original headline did. Facebook will no longer be allowing this, and is going to return the power back to the hands of the creator of the content to make sure that information spread on Facebook remains as accurate as possible.

Facebook will save your data bill with ‘Instant Videos’.


Facebook is trying to save you money on your data bill by creating “Instant Videos”, indicated by a lightning bolt symbol. How does this save you money? Facebook will load these videos when wifi is available and save them for later so you can view them on the go, without wasting data!

No more Instant Articles on Messenger.


Instant Articles have been a great way for publications to get their articles circulating, especially to a younger audience. Facebook continues to expand use of this feature to more and more publications, but there’s a catch: users will no longer be able to send these articles as Instant Articles in the Messenger app. Representatives from Facebook have made statements saying that they are taking the feature away from Messenger to focus on the core Facebook application.

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