3 New & Useful Features on Instagram

By: Charlie Nash

Hands with the phone close-up pictures of food. Fried rice with chicken and mango shake, one dish for two.

Did you know that more than half of millennials in the United States are currently on Instagram? Did you also know that as millennials we are also more likely to get bored or “move on” from old gadgets and tools? So, to no one’s surprise, Instagram has granted us with some cool new features to keep us entertained and on the platform!  Their new update includes polls, ecommerce capabilities, and Facebook integrations. Read more about them below.

Poll Your Audience

Wondering if anyone looks at your Instagram Stories or if they just scroll through? Now you can engage with your followers on your Instagram Story through the new polling feature. The Poll Sticker allows you to create your own questions and answers. All you have to do is head over to the sticker’s tab, click on the poll, add a question and two different answers, and that’s it!


Buy Your Jeans on Instagram

Next time your scrolling through your Instagram feed and stumble upon a clothing store’s post, make sure to take a second look. Instagram has partnered with ecommerce sites like Shopify and Bigcommerce to allow you to buy specifically tagged items through what they call Shoppable Tags. The tags take you directly to the products featured on the image.  Now available to most apparel retailers who have a catalog attached to their Facebook page, Shoppable Tags are as easy as tagging another user in your post. There’s only one catch: you can only use them on single picture posts.


Share Your Story on Two Platforms

It seems that just about every social media platform has added to “story” feature. But up until now, they haven’t been able to post across platforms. All that has changed with Instagram’s new update, which allows you to post your Instagram Story directly on Facebook with a simple click of a button.  Open the story feature on Instagram, take a picture or video, and click “Your Facebook Story” to add.


As these platforms grow, it is up to us as marketers, users, and vendors to keep up with them.  These platforms are integrating not only to better the user’s experience, but to make it easier for brands to connect with their consumers more directly. What update are you most excited about?

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