What It’s Like to Intern at 451 Agency

By: Charlie Nash, Digital Intern


After wrapping up my second month at 451 Agency, I’ve taken some time to look back on what I’ve accomplished as an intern thus far. Through the agency, I’ve grown professionally and personally. I’ve also learned about digital marketing, particularly social media, paid search, and PPC in a very short period of time. My day-to-day tasks have usually consisted on researching trending topics, writing blog posts (like this one) and even doing some client-facing work! I’ve also been involved in the Intern Project, a semester-long assignment that focuses on developing a marketing strategy for a non-profit organization.

This semester, the interns at 451 have focused on helping the South Shore YMCA promote their annual event, The Taste of the South Shore. The event’s goal is to fundraise money for the Y’s child development programs. But the overall goal, and our challenge for the semester, is not only to promote the event, but to increase donations prior to and during the event.

Although we are not yet finished, the interns have come together to create some pretty cool marketing tactics. We strived to be as integrated as possible, brainstorming constantly and dividing the work based off our availability and experiences, rather than by departments. For example, interns in the Internal Marketing and PR team helped write social posts, while the Creative and Social team assisted in finding PR influencers.

The opportunity to collaborate with other departments has allowed me to dabble in other marketing fields, like creative and public relations. It’s given me an insight into what an integrated agency really means. Additionally, working one-on-one with a client has been an extremely valuable experience. The internship is so much more than just another class. Not only have I’ve enjoyed it more, I have surely taken much more out of it. I also have never had to go for a coffee run, so that’s a plus.

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