Digital Trends Wrap-Up: January 2018


Social Media

Facebook’s recent algorithm changes. Facebook will now prioritize content that helps consumers “make more meaningful connections,” relates to the local news or comes from trusted sources.

Facebook is testing a separate destination for local news in its mobile appsLearn how.

Instagram users can now add GIF stickers to any photo or video in their story. Click here to learn more.

Instagram now lets brands with business profiles schedule organic postsClick here to learn how.

Instagram’s messaging feature, Instagram Direct, now lets users see when other users were last online. Read more here.

Snapchat revealed Bitmoji Deluxe with hundreds of new customization options. Read more here.



Google Announces a New Page Speed Ranking Algorithm for Mobile Searches. Starting in July 2018, a new ranking algorithm will downgrade the SERP rankings of slow mobile pages.  Learn more here.

Google Allows Users to Mute “Reminder” Ads. Users are now able to adjust their ad settings to mute specific repetitive advertisements for a maximum of 90 days. Learn more about the reminder ads settings here.

Google Home Results Mirror Featured Snippets Results 80% of the Time. When tested, 80% of Google Home’s answers were the same as the Answer Box, yet 20% of the answers came from different data sources. Learn more here.

Google Announces 16 Months of Data in New Google Search Console Feature. Google’s new Search Performance Report, similar to the Search Analytics report, has up to 16 months’ worth of data instead of 90 days. Read more here.

Google Continues Making Changes to Search Algorithm Through January. Following Google’s Maccabee algorithm update that took place in late December, small shifts in the algorithm have resumed in January. Learn more here.

Google Publishes Google Assistant Guidelines to Evaluate Voice Search-Related Results. The new search quality rater guidelines ask raters to focus on information satisfaction, length, formulation, and elocution. Read more here.

Google My Business Now Allows Users to Upload and View Videos. Business owners are now able to upload videos 30 seconds in length as well as view videos uploaded by their customers.  Learn more here.

New Study Shows Increase in Public Use of Voice Search. While use of voice search in public is on the rise, the use of voice search commands while at home appears to be going down.  Read more here.

DuckDuckGo Extends Privacy Protection to Mobile App and Browser Extension. DuckDuckGo (a private search engine) has a new mobile app and browser extension that feature private searches, built in tracker network blocking, smarter encryption, and a Privacy Grade rating. Read more here.

One $5.2 million Super Bowl Ad Can Buy a Lot More in Digital Media.  At the price of $5.2 million for a single 30-second Super Bowl ad, digital marketers could buy 32 years of mobile video ads, 4 weeks of Snapchat lenses, and 2.6 billion Instagram impressions. Read about what else a Super Bowl ad can buy here.

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