Trend Update: Apple Walks the Talk

By: Erin Russell

Every kid cherishes the day they get to play with Walkie-Talkies and let their imaginations run free as a spy or secret agent on a special operations mission. Apple has brought this feature to life for Apple Watch users with the Walkie-Talkie feature that will be debuted later this year.

The feature begins with an invitation to chat, which must then be accepted in order to enable free-range of future use of the audio feature. The audio messages are powered by FaceTime and begin with a quick beep to alert the receiver before the message is played. There is no limit on the length of the audio, which could be seen by users as a good or bad quality of the new feature.

Users will enjoy that it can be used on both Wi-Fi and cellular connection. With the minimal effort of just one tap, audio messages are recorded and then immediately delivered to the receiver once the feature is enabled on both watches. For users who have no desire to use this feature, there is an ‘unavailable’ setting or a Do Not Disturb setting which completely blocks messages. It will be interesting to see if people talking into their wrists becomes the new normal as a way to communicate once this feature is released; Apple never turns away from the chance to push boundaries and set new trends.


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