Client Spotlight: The Yankee Candle Company

This month on 451 Heat, we’re excited to spotlight a client whose goal is to inspire the joy, comfort and warmth of home that only fragrance can. 16717_1  

Meet the Client: The Yankee Candle Company

Making your home just right means a lot. Uniquely inspired by moments you cherish, places you dream of and life’s little surprises, Yankee Candle’s fragrance collections set it apart. Whatever the mood or occasion, you can create a warm and welcoming home with Yankee Candle. From decorating, to planning a special gathering, gifting and everything in between, Yankee Candle is your trusted home-fragrance expert. Passionate about quality, craftsmanship and innovation, you can depend on Yankee Candle to search the world − and even its own backyard − for inspiration and all the right ingredients.  

Enter 451 Marketing: Media Welcomes Yankee Into The Family

As the brand’s AOR for the past four years, 451 Marketing has launched more than 50 new fragrances for the brand each year and built countless relationships to promote the brand among its target audience: women. 451 Marketing works daily with the national media that reach and impact our clients’ target audience to ensure longstanding, high quality relationships. With a deep understanding of Yankee Candle’s goals and challenges, 451 Marketing proactively pitched new candles and collections to Family Circle through national media relations, media gifting and media tours. 451 Marketing’s tenacity paid off three-fold in this past fall, securing Yankee Candle top placements in three issues of Family Circle. Yankee Candle was thrilled to be showcased in one of its top priority publications. The Family Circle placements, valued at $516,570, reached more than 4.1 million of Yankee Candle’s most prized audience members. Here is Yankee Candle's Bat Tree Candle Holder in Family Circle, October 2014: fc1fc2   Here is Yankee Candle's Woodland Snow Collection Tall Perfect Pillar Candle in Family Circle, December 2014: fc3fc4   Here is Yankee Candle's Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Candle in Family Circle, January 2015: fc5fc6 Take a look at our case study here>>

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4 Top Digital Media Trends in 2014

Top-10-Instagram-hashtags-January-2014 Each year in digital media, trends appear that change, shape and influence the way we interact with technology. 2014 was no exception. More than ever, this past year has pushed the envelope for innovative and interactive media. Dull, flat, impersonal ads have made way for dynamic messages that blur the lines between different media and demand the need for personal, authentic stories. In our roundup, we look at some of the most important and persuasive messages that defined 2014 as a year for change, unorthodox thinking and originality.  

Medias’ Blurred Boundaries

Billboards and posters have been one of America’s most bland, relentless and uninspired staples of traditional advertising. However, Swedish hair-care company Apotek Hjärtat took a poster and built an interactive screen for its newest Apolosophy products that brought true meaning to its phrase, “Make your hair come alive.” At first, bystanders saw a portrait image of a woman at a standstill. However, as the train approached, viewers saw her hair blow in the wind, as if standing right beside the oncoming car.

Apotek Hjärtat - Blowing in The Wind from Ourwork on Vimeo.

British Airways was an early pioneer of this method as well, deciding to take a traditional medium and creating a message that was truly interactive through its #lookup campaign. Seen in this video, the brand's billboard displayed children walking towards the plane that was taking off, along with the flight number and final destination. Not only did the company update a somewhat outdated platform, but it used an accompanying hashtag so that interested Twitter users could follow the conversation surrounding the brand’s newest initiative.

Messaging Gets Personal

More than ever, creating individualized messages for key audiences has become a necessity, not a choice. However, Diet Coke took it to the next level when Coca Cola Israel decided to create 2 million personalized bottle designs. An algorithm allowed for completely unique designs to be generated automatically. VP of Marketing Alon Zamir said the campaign aimed to show “Diet Coke lovers that they are extraordinary by creating unique one-of-a-kind extraordinary bottles.”

Diet Coke presents: Millions of one of a kind bottles from Gefen Team on Vimeo.

This strategy extended to other messaging as well, including unique billboards and other merchandise reflecting the individual’s specific bottle design. Call it crazy, call it genius, call it whatever you want. One thing is for sure; standing out in the mass of brands and horde of products truly takes uncommon, personalized approaches for remarkable results.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

In 2014, we all witnessed the melodramatic debacle that was #AlexfromTarget. A seemingly anonymous, well-intentioned tweet about an attractive teenage employee caused a near-instant outburst of adolescent girls who became wholly consumed and obsessed by Alex LeBeouf’s bright blue eyes and charming smile. His Twitter account shot from 144 followers to nearly 663,000 in just a few days. Though the situation garnered a few words of praise (and showed the world just how powerful and influential a dedicated army of teenage girls can be), the incident seemed to garner one huge, unanimous eye roll. alex-from-target-original-tweet-screenshot Is this what the power of Twitter has come to, some asked. The answer is no. Though sometimes we are inundated with seemingly shallow, diluted hashtags with little meaning, there are still messages on this platform that act as purveyors of change and action. As seen with the #IceBucketChallenge, hundreds of thousands of individuals took to twitter to raise awareness about ALS and used the platform to tag friends, urge others to take the plunge and unite for a cause. Overall, 4.4 million tweets contained #IceBucketChallenge and the social media campaign managed to raise over $88.5 million.

Make It Good, and People Won’t Mind Consuming Your Content

In 2007, YouTube began publishing year-end reports of its most popular and viewed videos. Unlike years past when low quality cat videos and the infamous “Leave Britney Alone!” clips topped the chart, this year has taken a significant turn in the support of native advertising. In 2014, 4 ads made the list—an unprecedented amount. Nike, Budweiser, and UK-based clothing line Wren all made the cut for brands that transcended one-way media trends and truly engaged with millions of audience members. All of these ads’ ingenuity, quality and unique thinking showed that individuals were willing to engage with content, even if it was paid or promoted.   2014 was the year in which changes that have been talked about were first implemented. The past 12 months have shown a rise in multi-media and cross-platform integration; a push for truly individualized messages, even on a mass level; an emphasis on using social media platforms for justice and for social good; and, lastly, a heightened interest in engaging with paid messaging. All of these trends have proven to be vastly influential and valuable. Here’s to hoping that in 2015, the online world will continue to push for content that authentically targets and inspires its millions of fans, followers and users.

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451 Fall Internship Project: Working with Team Jane Doe Inc

Jane-Doe-Logo Being an intern at 451 Marketing is the perfect opportunity to learn about your field of interest in a real world setting and apply that knowledge in a semester long intern project. This semester, we had the pleasure of working with Jane Doe Inc., the only statewide, non-profit, sexual and domestic violence advocacy and membership organization in Massachusetts. Our main objective for Jane Doe Inc. was to create a campaign for their annual White Ribbon Day. White Ribbon Day takes place on the first Thursday of March and is a day that invites men and boys to be part of the solution in ending violence against women by taking a pledge. quote After taking in all this information, I started thinking. I am two years out of college, have worked two professional jobs in unrelated fields, had multiple internships, and I felt it was the time I proved something, not only to myself but to my peers, colleagues and the client. I volunteered to be the account manager. [caption id="attachment_10741" align="aligncenter" width="210"]That's me! That's me![/caption] This gave me a title, a designated role, and the opportunity to get the experience I’ve been waiting for. I decided I was going to take this role and act as if I was spearheading an actual campaign. I wanted to give it my all and really put my skills to the test. There were eighteen of us working within the company in five different departments: internal marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, consumer PR, and hospitality. [caption id="attachment_10742" align="aligncenter" width="565"]team_internact Team Jane Doe Inc consisted of Lizzie Blumenthal, Justin Warshavsky, Cara DiFabio, Piper Annese, Aneesha Joshi, Kelsey Dielman, Kelly O’Connor, Elise Yancey, Ivy Hou, Taylor Rock, Hilary Bokoff, Yvonne McLenithan, Shivani Pandya, Sean Naughton and Kelsey Dielman.[/caption] Our initial thought was to complete the work that was expected of us, each working on our tasks individually. But once those wheels started turning and our meetings turned into brainstorming sessions, daily updates, and free flowing thoughts, we became a unified group. Beyond the group meetings we also had a lot of help along the way. To make sure our hard work was on the right track we were able to present and meet with the client prior to the final presentation. This allowed us to get feedback and make sure we were meeting their needs. We also had the opportunity to present to several executives who work at 451 Marketing and get their professional opinion on the work we had done. I found those meetings to be very eye opening, it was always helpful to get a second point of view, especially from someone like AJ Gerritson. A few weeks ago we gave our final presentation and the client could not have been happier. It was a lot of hard work and constant communication but it definitely paid off. As the account manager I learned a lot about what 451 does as a whole. From internal marketing to hospitality there are so many departments that allow the company to be so universal, which is something I really commend and am glad I was lucky enough to experience.   **Written by Consumer Public Relations intern Taylor Rock, graduate of Suffolk University with a degree in public relations.

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Internship Chronicles: My Experience at 451

14000_685289114922680_1650220303657588784_n A semester at 451 will give any intern a taste of agency lifestyle, marketing, and the opportunity to work in a fun environment. The program structure offered several opportunities to learn and contribute to the team's success. This provided a wholesome experience to learn, to improve the skills you might already have, and to apply your knowledge on an actual project. By working closely with my supervisor and attending the intern Coffee Break Academies (coffee and pastries included, yum!) I was able to learn so much about my department and the others in the agency. My supervisor asked me specifically what topics I wanted to fully grasp and then made sure I had the opportunities to do so. I sat in on meetings and brainstorms, which was a great way to see how the team goes about creating its strategies and reaching its goals. The intern supervisors were always willing to meet with interns, whether they were on their team or not, to answer questions or to offer thoughts and advice. As college students, especially as seniors, we're constantly seeking to know more about the industry we may choose for a career. Working at 451 provided a whole group of industry experts to learn from, and meeting with the supervisors offered one more person's input to consider. I enjoyed the Coffee Break Academies because I liked to see what else happens at 451. Because cross-team integration is such an important component to success, seeing how the other departments work together was a perfect model for the intern team to follow when working as a mini agency for our final project. 10301278_685288001589458_6652243375182870313_n Working on the Social Media Team was the perfect balance of work and play. Team lunches or coffee breaks allowed me to get to know my co-workers outside of the office, and completing tasks for each team member allowed me to see how different roles play into the team structure. Having a grasp on the social media strategy, I then contributed to the social component of the intern project with a solid foundation to build from. Having an actual client to develop a strategy for was a really unique experience. The entire group of interns worked together, contributing to the part of the project that paralleled the department where he or she worked. This was a really cool way to see a real-world scenario of how the departments work together for their clients. The internship experience at 451 Marketing provides great opportunities to learn, but even more importantly, it gives the opportunities to apply that knowledge.   **Written by Social Media intern Hilary Bokoff, Business Administration major at Boston University (2015).

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Thank Goodness: 8 Alternatives to Thanksgiving at Home

turkeydinner-blog480 Wishing for all the Thanksgiving fixings with none of the hassle? Local chefs have you covered with an array of options to feast on, so you can soak in New England's most cherished holiday. Take a look at our roundup of celebrations, broken up by location.  


Bistro du Midi

272 Boylston Street

Bistro Indulge in a Provençal Thanksgiving with Chef Robert Sisca’s three-course prix fixe tasting menu featuring additional foie gras and truffle supplements. The $68 menu features an array of tempting dishes including:
  • Belgian Endive Salad, Honey Crisp Apples, Hazelnuts, Bleu d ’Auvergne, Citrus Emulsion
  • Seared Foie Gras, Brown Butter, Squash, Cider Jus (supplement)
  • Goat Cheese Gnocchi, Pumpkin, Pistou, Pine Nuts, Preserved Lemon
  • Slowly Cooked Turkey Ballotine, Sweet Potato Purée, Romanesco, Chestnuts, Roasted Pan Jus
  • Pumpkin Cornmeal Tart, Goat Cheese Ice Cream
The prix fixe menu will be served in the main dining room and café. See the full Thanksgiving menu here. A separate prix fixe menu will be offered for $29 for children 12 and under. Reservations can be made for the main dining room from 1 p.m. – 8 p.m. Please call 617.426.7878.


371 Commonwealth Avenue

Deuxave 2 Chef/Owner Christopher Coombs and his talented team are pulling out all the stops with a decadent three-course Thanksgiving Day prix fixe menu featuring sophisticated takes on traditional dishes. The $99 per person menu includes dishes such as:
  • Spiced Heirloom Pumpkin Soup, Adam & Larry’s Scituate lobster, chestnuts & pancetta
  • Pavé of Duck Confit, frisée & petit mustard greens, forest mushrooms, dates, chestnuts & cranberry
  • Misty Knolls “Turducken,” turkey breast, duck rillettes, chicken boudin, Robuchon potatoes, hash of Brussels, turnips, butternut squash, cranberry sauce & gravy
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake, house made graham cracker, chai tea glace, salted white chocolate caramel sauce
  • Apple Galette, date purée, Poire Williams glace, spiced granola
See full Thanksgiving menu here. A special children’s menu will also be available for those under 12 for $25. Thanksgiving hours are noon – 8:00 p.m. For reservations or more information, please call 617.517.5915.  

Taj Boston

15 Arlington Street

Taj Boston This Thanksgiving, the award winning and luxurious Taj Boston invites guests to celebrate with two distinctive dining options. The Café at Taj Boston, a AAA Four Diamond Restaurant, features dishes from recently appointed Executive Chef Jesse Souza who showcases contemporary New England flair, as well as authentic Indian cuisine prepared by Specialty Chef Gurminder Gidda who came straight from the Taj Mahal in Mumbai. Taj Boston will also offer a Signature Brunch Buffet on Thanksgiving day, featuring a tempting array of seasonal culinary creations with themed displays that spotlight: made-to-order breakfast selections, chilled seafood, artisan cheese, Mediterranean antipasti and charcuterie, a sushi chefs presentation, fresh pastas, prime rib carving station, and a special holiday turkey complete with fixings. There is also an exquisite presentation of Indian cuisine from Specialty Chef Gurminder Gidda and an artistic dessert buffet created by Pastry Chef Robert Alger. The Café is open for Thanksgiving Day for breakfast from 7 a.m. – 11 a.m., brunch à la carte from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and for a special turkey dinner from 2:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. Seatings for the signature brunch buffet on Thanksgiving Day are offered at: 11 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 2 p.m. Pricing is $80/person for adults and $35/person and reservations are required. For more information, please call 617.536.5700.  


Boston Chops

1375 Washington Street

Boston Chops 3 Chef/Owner Chris Coombs’ South End urban steak bistro will be serving a three-course Thanksgiving dinner featuring classic Chops steak and raw bar selections alongside sophisticated Turkey Day fare. This year’s menu is $79/person and includes the following highlights:
  • Sugar Pumpkin Bisque with roasted chestnuts, pepita granola, and kabocha pearls
  • Roasted Misty Knolls turkey
  • Spiced Cranberry and Fig Chutney
  • Herbed Brioche Stuffing with Walnuts
  • Spiced Pumpkin Pots de Crème
See the full Thanksgiving menu here. Thanksgiving hours are Noon – 8 p.m. For more information or reservations, please call 617.227.5011.  


BOKX 109

399 Grove Street inside Hotel Indigo, Newton

bokx109 Think outside the box this Thanksgiving with BOKX 109’s “Liquid Thanksgiving” cocktail menu.  The perfect complement to the restaurant’s traditional turkey-day entrée, this cornucopia of uniquely festive drinks features spirited takes on holiday-inspired flavors and riffs on tradition. Offered throughout Thanksgiving week, cocktails selections include:
  • Wild Turkey Gobbler, Wild Turkey Bourbon, grenadine, ginger ale
  • Potato on the Side, Karlsson’s Gold Potato Vodka, prosciutto-wrapped olive
  • Cran Pear-y Splash, Smirnoff Pear, muddled cranberry, sprite, lime
  • “Thanks a Latte” Pumpkin Pie, Crop Spiced Pumpkin Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, fresh espresso, crème Chantilly float
Thanksgiving hours are 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. in the dining room and until 1 a.m. at the bar. For reservations or more information, please call 617.454.3399.  

Chopps American Bar and Grill

One Burlington Mall Road inside Boston Marriott Burlington

chopps True to its all-American roots, Chopps is serving up a luxurious five-course prix fixe menu featuring Executive Chef David Verdo’s modern interpretations of classic Thanksgiving fare. For$49 (or $69 with wine pairings), guests can choose from a tempting array of dishes including the following:
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, pancetta, sage, crème fraîche
  • Harvest Salad, blood orange, pomegranate, candied pecans, goat cheese
  • Turkey, cornbread stuffing, potato purée, green beans, cranberry chutney
  • Apple Cranberry Crisp or Pumpkin Brulée
See full Thanksgiving menu here. Chopps will be open on Thanksgiving from 12 p.m. – 6 p.m., serving the Thanksgiving prix fixe menu in addition to the regular dinner menu. For reservations please call 781.221.6643.

BONUS OFFER: On November 27-29, overnight guests at the Boston Marriott Burlington can enjoy a Black Friday Valet Offer, featuring a special all-inclusive $129 per night and valet service to and from the best local stores for shoppers and their sale day scores. For bookings, visit the hotel’s Offers & Packages page online or call 1-800-228-9290 and use the code SHO. For more information on the hotel and special rates, please call 781.229.6565.

Restaurant dante

40 Edwin H Land Boulevard, Cambridge inside the Hotel Sonesta

Dante Offering his signature Italian twist on an American tradition, Chef de Magistris’ three-course ‘Happy Free Range Thanksgiving’ feast features selections that will satisfy carnivores and vegetarians alike. The $69 per person prix fixe menu features dishes including:
  • Winter Squash Soup with crème fraîche, olive oil, pumpkin seeds and croutons
  • Turkey Dinner, naturally raised, free-range turkey (Bob’s Turkey Farm, Lancaster, MA), with stuffing, potato puree, sweet potato fries, maple Brussels, cranberry sauce, and gravy
  • Roast Duck (Crescent Duck Farm, Long Island, NY) with sour cherries, chestnut stuffing and rainbow greens
  • Vegetarian Thanksgiving with chestnut stuffing, potato puree, sweet potato fries, maple Brussels, cranberry sauce, green beans casserole, veg gravy
  • Gimme’ a Sliva” of Four Pies: apple, chocolate pecan, pumpkin, and ricotta pie slivers
Thanksgiving hours are 1 p.m – 8 p.m. For reservations, please call 617.497.4200. Reservations for these feasts are sure to be gobbled up quickly so book your spot today!  

Feeling Generous?

Tavern in the Square

Tavern Since 2004, Tavern in the Square opens their doors in three locations to those who may not have a place to stay, or the means to spend on a meal. Staff and members of the community volunteer for the day, inviting anyone in need to join them for a full Thanksgiving Dinner. This past Thanksgiving, Tavern had the pleasure of serving over 1,000 dinners to those in need. Meals will be served at the following locations:

Central Square                 730 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

Salem                                   189 Washington St., Salem

Allston                                 161 Brighton Ave., Allston

 Interested in joining in? Send an email to the location you would like to spend the great day at.   Whatever you do, wherever you go, we wish you and your family a fabulous and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy!

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