#DigiRev14: Join the Digital Marketing Revolution!

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As marketers who work with brands on a daily basis, we’re tired of the same old marketing presentations, statistics, and buzzwords – so we decided to do something about that.

DigiRevCon, short for Digital Revolution Conference, grew from our desire for a forum in which industry leaders and innovators convened to share insights into the latest and greatest in marketing – without all the jargon and boring conference content.


The Sky Already Fell

the sky is fallingLast week, a colleague shared an interesting piece with me from Forbes called “The Sky Continues to Fall in State of Media,” in which contributor Aaron Perlut responds to Pew Research’s “2013 State of News Media.” The piece was short, but really on target. One statement in particular caught my attention, because it is a literal translation of 451 Marketing’s philosophy on communications – that if you don’t pursue PR, search and social media in a truly integrated fashion, you’re doing it all wrong.

“If you think pumping out news releases to get the attention of leading reporters will help your company or clients; if you don’t think PR should be linked at every turn with your social strategy; if SEO is not a top priority – please, find a new profession.”

This idea, that all marketing is interlinked and there is no room for silos, is how we’ve helped our clients find success since my partner and I founded the agency in 2004. I thought I would expand on the piece a bit with a few things that I like to tell our clients:

  • You need a clear strategy across the board. Blindly sending out social communications without aligning your messages with your PR goals and search best practices is a waste of time and resources.
  • Search is a game changer – that’s constantly changing. It’s not something you can do in your spare time. To see measurable success, stick with the professionals.
  • Relationships are still crucial. To get coverage that your target audience will actually care about, you will probably need a publicist (better yet, a team of them), not a press release.
  • Measurement and analytics are everything…well, almost. Numbers are great and drive the tactics we use for our clients. But, insight, actually knowing what the numbers mean and how to respond to them, is the intrinsic value of working with an experienced group of professionals.

Do you agree with Perlut’s assertion? Let us know – tweet @451heat & @AJGerritson with your thoughts.

451 Marketing Millennials

Marketing to Millennials: The Next Generation of Consumers


There’s been a lot of talk lately on how brands and marketers can tap into the newest generation of consumers – the Millennials. And with good cause. Millennials are a generation unique to any who have lived before them. Born starting in the late 1970s, the 80 million US Millennials are aged 16-34 and will have more spending power than any generation before them by 2017.


Obviously, Millennials are an important market to tap into for many companies. But, what makes this generation so elusive to marketers?

  • Millennials communicate differently. They are digital natives – born multi-taskers who are connected to the internet 24/7 though mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Most of them (75%) have social media accounts and they are three times more likely than other generations are to blog.
  • Millennials make purchasing decisions differently. 51% of Millennials report that they consult four or more sources before purchasing a new product or service for the first time.
  • Millennials have a different relationship to brands. 80% of Millennials say that they expect brands to entertain them. But, once they find a product or service they like, Millennials are loyal. 76% say once they find a product or service they like, they keep coming back for more.


Why does this matter to your company? Your online presence, in social media and search results, is really important when targeting this group. Your marketing campaigns have to be integrated to ensure that you meet this key demographic at every stage of the buying cycle.


Luckily, 451 Marketing has been focused on creating integrated communications since my partner and I founded the company in 2004. We’ve spent a lot of time helping our clients maximize their interactions with Millennials – from awareness, to purchase, to brand evangelism. So, we’ve put together a Whitepaper on “Marketing to Millennials” which includes breakdown of the group’s demographics and habits and seven tips for marketing to them successfully. Check out the link below to download your free copy.


Download “Marketing to Millennials” Whitepaper