From College to the Real World…

A couple of weeks ago, Boston University PRSSA invited me to participate in a panel of recent College of Communication grads to talk about our experiences in the “real world” since graduating.

It was pretty bizarre to be sitting up at the front with my fellow COM grads when just a few months ago we were in those very same seats, unsure and apprehensive about our futures after graduation. We fielded a variety of great questions from students, from how big of a role social media played in our job searches, to how important it is to have a Smartphone in the public relations industry.

It seemed that the most pressing questions the students asked revolved around the job search and tips on how to stand out when applying for entry-level positions, which wasn’t surprising given the current job market.

What did you find most helpful in your job search? Or, if you’re an employer, what advice would you give aspiring public relations professionals on how to stand out in the application pool?