7 Things You Can Do to Better the Customer’s Journey

7 Things You Can Do to Better the Customer's Journey
I attended Bryan Eisenberg’s “Creating Legendary Brands: A Business Process to Align Metrics, Customer Experience, and Profits” at INBOUND15. Eisenberg has been in the business of customer experience and conversion rates for over 20 years and it’s evident he is passionate about this. His hope is that more and more companies improve their consumer experience setting the bar higher and higher. (more…)

Ghost Referral Spam? Start Busting Ghost Spam

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Google Analytics is a very powerful tool for marketers, in fact, it is the most used web analytics tool online today. As a wise arachnid once said, with great power comes great responsibility. If you want to get the most accurate view into your web traffic, you must be sure you are doing everything you can to block spam. This includes stopping a type of referral spam referred to as “ghost spam.” (more…)