Not-To-Be-Missed Marathon Meals




This weekend, people from all over the world will be shipping up to Boston to take part in one of New England’s greatest sporting events: The 117th annual Boston Marathon. Whether you’re here to run or to watch, revel in the energy that takes the city by storm. As people near and far prepare for some incredible feats, local restaurants are looking to get in on the excitement. We’ve compiled a list of the spots where runners and fans will be sure to experience the most exciting events, best views, and most importantly, delicious food. After all, runners aren’t the only ones who need fuel – at least, that’s what we’re telling ourselves…


1. L’Espalier





Join Boston’s luxurious L’Espalier for a spectacular lunch on Marathon Monday, and you’ll be rewarded not only with an exquisite meal, but a spectacular view of the last leg of the race. Chef Frank McClelland will offer a three-course prix fixe lunch menu with choices, including a specialty cocktail or a Marathon Degustation with an optional Vintner’s Tasting.

Prix Fixe options include:

  • First course: House-smoked salmon with picked vegetables crème fraîche and American caviar or Casco Bay Lobster bisque
  • Main Course: Confit Long Island Duck Leg with beluga lentils, English peas and pear puree or East Coast Halibut with “maître gaspard,” charred Spring Vidalia onion, fava beans and faro
  • Dessert: Blackberry Champagne Mouse with fresh raspberries, shaved macadamia nuts, and strawberry frozen yogurt

The three-course prix fixe menu is $50/person and includes one specialty cocktail.

The Marathon Degustation is $60 per person.

The Vintner’s Tasting is $65 for four pairings or $85 for six pairings.

Guests can also choose $35 for four seasonal juice pairings.


Lunch will be served from 11:30 am until 2:30 p.m. Reservations required.

774 Boylston, Boston, 617-262-3023

lespalier.com @lespalier


2. DePasquale’s Homemade Pasta Shoppe




If you’re looking to load up before the race (or break your pre-marathon diet afterwards) look no further. DePasquale’s is the perfect place to pick up pasta made with 100% durum wheat semolina, healthier, low-gluten pasta that’s sure to satisfy your pre- or post-race cravings.

66A Cross Street, Boston, 617-248-9629



3. Lucia Ristorante & Bar










North End institution Lucia Ristorante & Bar holds as much history in Boston as the marathon itself does.

Sunday is the perfect time to indulge in Lucia’s delicious Italian cuisine. The Maccheroni Chitarra has been on the menu since the restaurant’s 1977 beginnings, and is a must-try: the homemade egg pasta is cut by guitar strings and served in a hearty tomoato-based Bolognese sauce with lamb, pork, and beef. The low glycemic index in the egg noodles and the protein-filled amino acids made this the perfect meal for carbo-loading.

415 Hanover Street, Boston, 617-367-2353



4. Ducali Pizzeria & Bar








Locally sourced Ducali Pizzeria & Bar is the perfect spot to satisfy pizza cravings, and with 13 different pizza dishes on the menu, everyone is bound to find something worth digging into.

Owner and marathon veteran Phil Frattaroli will host a marathon party on Sunday, April 14 at 8 p.m. to raise funds for the UMass ALS Champion Fund. The suggested donation – $26 – will go directly to the organization, which aims to combat ALS.

Tortellini Pizza – because what could be better than a pizza with pasta on top? – and Sam Adams’ Boston 26.2 Brew is the marathon special.

389 Causeway Street, Boston, 617-742-4144

ducalipizza.com @ducali


5. Restaurant dante








Restaurant dante presents a special All You Can Eat Pasta Marathon. Star chef Dante de Magistris will be serving Bottomless Pasta Bowls in honor of the race. In previous years, dante offered selections from their regular menu – this year, they’re switching it up a bit, designing a special menu of pasta dishes specifically geared toward runners who want to carbo- and protein-load before the big race.

The menu includes:

  • Tagliatelle Primavera: beans, peas, soybean.
  • Tufoli: San Marzano tomato sugo, basil, Parmigiano Reggiano.
  • Chitarra: basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano.

The Tagliatelle and Chitarra are both egg-based pata for added protein, and guests can add salmon for $14, chicken for $7, and traditional beef and pork meatballs for $7 to all dishes. Prices vary based on pasta choice.

40 Edwin H Land Blvd, Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, 617-497-4200

restaurantdante.com @dante_cambridge


Last, but not least, if you’re looking to enjoy the celebrate the race without the crowds…


6. dbar






Dorchester hotspot dbar, an upscale restaurant and nightclub/lounge, is generously offering marathon participants half-off all pasta dishes. Don’t worry, couch-dwellers – there are specials all weekend for non-runners as well!

Friday, April 12, through Sunday April 14, enjoy a special menu of:

  • Rigatoni Agnello (rigatoni, green garlic, braised lamb, broccoli rabe, and pecorino) for $19.
  • Italian Sausage Penne (house-prepared Italian sausage, asparagus, tomatoes, and white wine butter sauce) for $18.
  • Clothbound Macaroni and Cheese (Orecchiette pasta, caramelized onions, herbed breadcrumbs, and clothbound cheddar) for $17.

1236 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, 617-265-4490

dbarboston.com @dbar


Are you ready for the race? This Google Map can help with your pre- and post-race meal plan of attack. Good luck to all those running this Monday!


Top Ten Reasons We’re Not Hiring You

Selection-and-Hiring-Page_Pic-3With millions of Americans on the market and the economy still not back to its glory days, the job hunt can feel like a journey of endless rejection and defeat. You’re sending out your resume and cover letters left and right. You might even have interviews. But, you just are not getting hired for an internship or a full-time role. Why is that?

We gathered together a list from our co-workers here at 451 Marketing of the top ten reasons we don’t move forward with a candidate.

10. You show up in short shorts or an inappropriate top. First, this is Boston. Ten out of twelve months of the year, it’s way too cold for that. Second, if you don’t look like you are a professional, we won’t see you as a professional.

9. You claim to know someone in the company who has no idea who you are. At best, it’s confusing. At worst, it’s just creepy.

8. You were extraordinarily late or missed the interview and didn’t give us a heads up beforehand. First impressions are what interviews are all about. You don’t want unreliability as our first impression of you.

7. You didn’t research anything about the company before you came in for the interview, so when we ask, you know NOTHING about us or the services we offer.

6. You applied to a position requiring x number of years in the industry, and you have none. If you’re not qualified for the job, we can’t hire you for the job.

5. You tried too hard to quantify your experience with arbitrary numbers and graphs. If your layout is more impressive than your experience, we’re McKayla Maroney.

4. You told an overly dramatic life story in your cover letter – TMI! You are persuading us to give you a job, not your own Lifetime movie.

3. You didn’t attach your resume. What have you done? Actually, though, we have to see your experience.

2. You misspelled my name, or worse addressed your cover letter “To whom it may concern” when it clearly lists the hiring manager on the website. You can’t expect us to see you as someone if you don’t see us as someone.

1. The number one reason we won’t be hiring you? You referenced the wrong company name in your cover letter. If you’re applying to OUR company, we want to see OUR name. You wouldn’t want to see your friend’s name on your birthday card, would you?

As with any company, we are looking for the best of the best. Make it tough on us to let you go. Don’t overlook these simple considerations that truly do make the difference between one glance and a second look.

Ultimately, we want to be able to be sure about two things before we hire you. Are you right for the job? Do you really want to work here? If the answer to both is a definitive yes, then chances are – we’re going to hire you. It’s not rocket science, so take a look and see if you’re a culprit of any of the above.

The list doesn’t stop here, but it’s a start. Each step in the right direction gets you that much closer to where you want to be. Keep it up, and you will get there. Simple as it sounds, it comes down to this – Be honest, be smart, be you. Check out these cool visualizations for more job hunt advice.

Did these tips help? Are there others that should have made the cut?