Palestine & Israeli Conflict, Magna Carta Exhibition in China, Edn, & Head of the Charles Regatta

10.16 Weekly Roundup

Top Story: Palestine & Israeli Conflict

Over the past few weeks, violence in the decades long Israeli-Palestinian conflict has flared up. Two Israelis were stabbed to death by a Palestinian in the Old City, which was followed by more violence. A main point in this conflict is over the Temple Mount. Israel took control of all of Jerusalem in 1967. Since them, there has been an unwritten arrangement in place that Jews are not allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. (more…)

Britain Withdraws Last Ships Helping Refugees, NY Comic Con, Facebook Messenger on Apple Watch, & 2nd Annual Punkin’ Fest

Roundup 10.9

Top Story: Britain Withdraws Its Last Ships Dedicated to Rescuing Refugees in Mediterranean

Two border force cutters, HMC Protector and HMC Seeker, have been ordered back to England by Home Secretary Theresa May. The Home Office said the ships were coming back having completed their six-month mission at the request of Frontex – the pan-European organization in charge of the Med rescue operation. During their time in the Mediterranean their crews rescued 1,651 people and identified 26 members of the trafficking gangs (source). (more…)

Scientists Find Signs of Water on Mars, New Credit Card Chip Rule, Chromecast Audio, & Harpoon Brewery Octoberfest

451Heat Weekly Roundup 10.2

Top Story: Scientists Find Signs of Water on Mars

On Monday, NASA revealed that water has been detected on the surface of Mars. In a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists identified waterlogged molecules — salts known as perchlorates — on the surface in readings from orbit. These perchlorate salts lower the freezing temperature, and the water remains liquid. The average temperature of Mars is about minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but summer days near the Equator can reach almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit. (more…)