How Not to Get Hired


So, you want a job at an awesome-sounding agency and are thrilled to see a posting for a role that suits you perfectly. Your next job is totally in the bag, right? Not so fast. As the director and hiring manager for the social media team here at 451 Marketing, I’ve quickly discovered how many different ways there are to apply to a job. And I know exactly what makes me immediately picture the applicant at the free desk outside my office versus what makes me hit “next” on the email. Below are my recommendations for what not to do when applying for a job. (more…)

From Intern to Employee

Previous Interns

Interns turned employees from left to right: Grace Galloway, Matilda Ivarsson, Max Silver, Hilary Bokoff & Alex Molina.

Graduating from college is a huge milestone and celebration that thousands of students, like myself, experienced just a short couple of months ago in May. But, there was a quick shift from celebrating my diploma to receiving my first job offer; a job that was not just for the summer or a semester, and one where my title did not contain the word “intern,” something I’ve grown used to over the last five years. (more…)