The Anticipation Ceases: Apple Finally Unveils the Newest iPhone

Yesterday was the opening day of Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco and people expected Steve Jobs to make announcements not only about the new iPhone, but also on the current buzz about a cloud-based version of iTunes, Mobile Me upgrades, Safari 5, Macbook Air upgrades, and even the rumored Verizon iPhone.

Not only have photos and videos of the iPhone popped up online to trigger a lot of gossip (In mid-April, Gizmodo got their hands on the new iPhone and revealed the product on its website), but also Engadget somehow obtained some substantial images of a device that gives finger-based, multi-touch functionality to desktop and laptop computers. People are hoping this event will finally put all, or most, of these rumors to rest.

Jobs opened up the conference with the iPad and talked about iBooks, the App Store, and many more of the iPads functions. Next, he announced the newest member of the iPhone family, iPhone 4. These are the top things to look out for in the iPhone 4:

  • An all new design. This is going to be the thinnest Smartphone on the planet: stainless steel for strength in build quality, glass for optical quality and scratch resistance, and an integrated antenna.
  • Retina display. The text on the iPhone 4 will be clearer than ever. It is 326 pixels per inch and the more pixels, the better precision.
  • iPhone 4 is powered by the A4 chip. Up to 40% more talk time (from 5-7 hours), 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, and 300 hours of standby.
  • Introducing the Gyroscope. 3-axis gyro (angular velocity); pitch, roll, & yaw; rotation about gravity; gyro + accelerometer provide 6-axis motion sensing. New CoreMotion APIs that developers can call; extremely precise position information. Perfect for gaming.
  • New camera system. LED flash, takes HD videos, built-in video editing, iMovie for the iPhone.
  • iOS 4. New phone, new software name.
  • iBooks. Same function for the iPad is now coming to the iPhone.
  • iAd. Now iAds can be added to applications to help developers earn money.
  • FaceTime. iPhone to iPhone video calls anywhere there is Wi-Fi.

After a live demonstration of the new FaceTime application, the conference came to an end.

The new iPhone 4 goes on sale June 24th. Pre-order starts June 15th. Will the iOS 4 be your next phone? What do you think about all the other rumors? Let us know what you think!

– Elaine Nip

A College Student’s Reflection on the Kno Tablet

As a college student, I am constantly trying to find more efficient ways of studying and note taking. I value the importance of a quality education, but I also value time spent with family and friends. Our time in school is limited to four short years and I want to be spend as little of that precious time confined in the solitude of the library preparing for exams as possible.

Thankfully, there is a new device on the market which promises to help me do just that. The Kno tablet, produced by a company called Kno, Inc., is essentially an electronic textbook consisting of two 14 inch touchscreens joined by a center hinge. Unlike the increasingly popular iPad produced by Apple, the Kno supports Adobe Flash and has double the viewable screen space, giving users even more of what they want.

Kno CEO Osman Rashid remarked that the tablet will soon be all you need to bring with you to the class or office, especially since the frontman is said to be teaming up with textbook providers around the country. Compared to a traditional textbook, the Kno tablet will allow students to write and organize notes in one place, as well as surf the internet, watch videos and basically concentrate on everything but their studies.

Now, I fully support the wonderful direction in which technology pushes us, but I think this is a tad ridiculous. While the tablet may allow you to access all of your textbook information in one succinct device, don’t we have enough distractions in school without our books being able to access Facebook and Twitter as well as our lap tops? Not to mention the fact that after a frustrating night of studying, a traditional textbook will withstand a stress relieving throw to the wall, whereas the Kno tablet most likely will not.

The Kno tablet creators may be trying to jump on the latest technology fad and capitalize on the iPad consumer market, but to expect to render real books obsolete is more than a lofty ambition for the new device. With technology and social media outlets beginning to occupy previously untouched areas of school, work and home life, how far is too far? Do you think the tablet is worth the close to $1,000 price tag or would you be content reading a traditional textbook? –Christina Cherel

The iPad Ban: Does it mean anything for Apple?

The iPad is the latest, and possibly, greatest creation by Apple. It is advertised as the product that can go everywhere. But can it really go everywhere? Think again, because Yankee Stadium recently banned this device!

The stadium confirmed this through Yahoo Sports saying, “the iPad falls under its no laptops security policy.”  Many users are outraged that they are not allowed to bring their iPads into the stadium.

It seems a little strange that a fan would want to bring an iPad into the game. It is especially odd because Wi-Fi is available throughout the complex.

Despite how you feel about this iPad ban, it doesn’t look like it will be reversed anytime soon. What do you think of this new security policy?  Do you think it affects the “revolution,” that is iPad? Does it even matter to Apple?  And, do you think future technologies will meet resistance? Let us know!

– Becky Greenwood