Psst: Google’s Stalking You

Last week Google launched AdWords’ Remarketing, which is basically a new way for a company to stalk a potential customer with an ad until she caves and buys.

It works like this: A potential customer followed an ad from a paid Google search listing, but while on the page of that site, she decides not to commit to finalizing the conversion. She leaves the page and continues browsing within Google’s content network. Then, AdWords’ Remarketing kicks in and a similar ad for the same product/service pops up.

AdWords publishers who are running these ads are hoping that the ads will follow a potential consumer so much that user will change her mind and finalize an ad conversion.

The AdWords’ feature allows a publisher to embed a code into her website that triggers her AdWords ad to show related ads to a potential customer after leaving her site without converting, provided that the user goes on to visit another Google site.

What do you think of Google AdWords’ Remarketing? Will you use it?