Meet the Marketer: Michael Tiedemann

Tiedemann Welcome

We’re excited to welcome our new EVP and Executive Creative Director, Michael Tiedemann! Michael is a seasoned creative professional with 20+ years of digital marketing experience with some of America’s biggest brands including Bank of America, General Motors, Cessna Aviation and Biogen Life Sciences. At 451 Marketing, Michael will head up the agency’s creative services practice.

We sat down with Michael and asked him a few questions to see what makes him tick… (more…)

4 Reasons I Couldn’t Stay Away from 451

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For returning college students in Boston, placid summer days and plentiful sunshine are all too quickly replaced with brisk treks to class and severe overcaffeination as a new school year begins. And for many of these students, the seasonal change also means trading in briefcases and board meetings at their internships for backpacks and (overpriced) books. Some students, however, continue on with their internships through the fall semester. Emily Zaboski, a senior Advertising major at Boston University, is one of those students. Today, the 451 creative intern (now Junior Graphic Designer) shares why she just couldn’t stay away. (more…)

Know When to Hold ‘Em and Know When to Fold ‘Em



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Kenny Rogers taught the world an important lesson with his famous line from the song “The Gambler.” As marketers, we are constantly pushing our clients to put time and resources into strategies that “work amazingly well” over things that just “work okay.” Thankfully today there are so many data-driven ways to measure success. Stop investing in programs just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it” and reinvest in programs that will yield a solid ROI and create connections to your brand.