451 Marketing and SCVNGR Host Winter Party

451 Marketing and SCVNGR hosted a Winter Party last night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. 200 guests joined the companies for a fun night of networking and dancing to ring in 2011. The event was sponsored by Harpoon Brewery and Triple Eight Vodka.

Below is  a picture of 451 Marketing Founding Partner, AJ Gerritson and SCVNGR Founder, Seth Priebatsch.

Here’s a fun video of the founders greeting and thanking guests for attending the event!

Were you able to join us last night? Have a good time? Tell us about it!

What Social Media Cannot Do…

Fact # 1 – I heart social media.

Fact # 2 – I am a Partner at an agency that hearts social media. We effectively leverage it every day for our clients.

Fact # 3 – I am writing this piece knowing that it will be posted to our company’s blog and hope it will be spread quickly through social media.

Fact # 4 – Social media cannot do everything. As much as people in our circles think it can, I think it’s important to remember what it cannot do for us.

For example, social media cannot…

Shake someone’s hand.
Kiss you.
Sell to you.
Go on vacation with you.
Be ignored.
Replace your home life.
Be summed up in one sentence.
Be taught in a classroom (it must be practiced).
Mow your lawn.
Drink a shot with you.
Write its content.
Stop traffic.
Have lunch.
Call your mother.
Pick up your child.
Taste amazing.
Play 1st base on the company softball team.
Drive you to work.
Get your back.
Keep you warm.
Hold a door.
Help someone cross the street.
Give you a hug.
Date your sister.

What do you think it can’t do?

-AJ Gerritson

Did you peg your pants?

When I was in junior high (Boston circa 1987-88) it was cool to roll up your pants like in the photo below. Actually, this was so cool that if you didn’t wear your pants like this you were most likely subject to ridicule by the other kids.

There was no real benefit to wearing your pants like this other than to fit in. I don’t really know how or where this trend started, but it lasted for a couple of years and eventually vanished. Thinking back, it was ridiculous.

I bring this topic up because when I think about emerging technologies, applications, web platforms and social media, I wonder, “Which of these applications are going to be the ‘pegged pants’ of 2010?”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I typically lean the other way in this type of discussion. That is, I almost always try to find value or use in emerging technologies, and am usually excited about new things. But lately I have seen a lot of ridiculous things in our space and I hope a lot of money was not wasted on them.

If you agree (or disagree), or want to add what you think is the next pegged pants below, I would welcome your comments!