Make Your Best Blogs Your Guest Blogs


For a beginning blogger, finding a niche and cultivating it is nearly impossible. You can write a thousand of the most amazing articles but they will never be seen if you don’t market it. The same goes for the opposite, you can market your blog to everybody, but you will only attract repeat visitors if your content is engaging. (This is especially true in a day and age, where amazing, captivating content will have readers searching for your “Follow Me on Twitter” button). Growing your blog takes a bit of time to work out the kinks; achieving great content regularly, and having a community of people behind each post likely won’t happen until your blog matures.

Following the lifecycle of your blog, if you are in the early beginning (0-2 years old) you should consider guest blogging. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to create partnerships, build links, and attract new audiences. This is why you should make your best blogs your guest blogs.

Create Partnerships

The key to any businesses marketing success is creating partnerships that last. Whether you are in sales or content marketing, partnerships drive long term growth. Having a list of contacts that are in your niche can prove invaluable as your business grows. You will be able to leverage these contacts for advertising opportunities and mutual expansion. Partnerships also allow you to reach new audiences – guest bloggers often promote your article to their followers.

Attract New Readers

One of the best ways to find a community, is to share a community with another site while guest blogging. A well written article will inspire readers to learn more about the writer. I find that a majority of our blog traffic comes from sites we have guest posted on. Ideally, you will be able to leverage social media tools to attract and retain people interested in your content. If a person is directed to your blog via link from a guest post, you will want to put a call to action immediately for them to follow you.

Twitter Follow Button

You are in luck: Twitter just announced a new plug-in resource. A one click “Follow” button can now be embedded in your blog posts to let readers follow you without leaving your site. This resource can also be added to a guest blog if your guest domain allows it.

Build Links

As a small blog, you will need to build links. If you aren’t well versed in SEO, you may want to consult someone who is, before you begin guest blogging. If that isn’t an option, simply point your links to your blog’s home page. Building links from credible sites gives you search engine relevance. You will begin to appear more often in searches, and your site will be continue to be indexed by Google.

Saving your best posts for your guest posts help you grow as a young blogger. Even if your blog isn’t small, never outsource your content for guest blogging. You will ruin partnerships and ultimately give your business bad PR.

-Matt Krautstrunk is social entrepreneur based in San Diego, California; he touches on everything from social media marketing to inbound call centers for Resource Nation.


The Green Revolution

As anyone with more than a few followers on Twitter will tell you, green is the color of the moment. More and more people are coloring their Twitter photos with a green tint in solidarity with the supporters of Iran’s defeated presidential candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi.iran

The movement is being branded on-the-fly with the use of green in all kinds of protests, from soccer players wearing green arm bands to the striking images of hundreds of yards of green cloth snaking through the protesting crowds in Tehran. All of these protests reflect the color of Mr. Mousavi’s political party and these “green” images are being delivered to the world in real-time through tweets, blogs and texts (as well as through traditional media), enabling sympathizers across the globe to stage protests of their own in their home countries. Similarly, these protests incorporate the green brand, along with laser-printed “where is my vote?” signs, so that short of the racial differences, these protests look like they could have been born back in Iran.iran2

But why green, and where did it come from and why has it become such a powerful tool in branding this protest movement? A little research shows that the color green has been associated with Islam for centuries. In fact the decoration of mosques, the bindings of Qur’ans, the covers for the graves of Sufi saints and the flags of various Muslim countries all feature the color green. The Qur’an says that the inhabitants of paradise will wear green garments of fine silk and even during the Crusades, Christians would never use green on their armor so as not to be mistaken for Muslims in battle.

Color theorists suggest that green represents life, renewal, abundance in nature and the environment. Green is also considered a restful color with a calming affect that comes from feelings of balance, harmony, and stability. Of course green has recently come to the forefront of the world’s pallet because of it’s association with the environmental movement and it has in fact become a noun as we all “go green”.

So, there’s some background as to what has likely spawned the adoption of green as the color of protest from Mousavi’s supporters. But what does green mean to you?