Social Media College Courses

Nearly all businesses are using social media marketing in their marketing plans. Social media marketing is a hot topic that is increasingly popular. College grads are expected to understand every aspect of social media as they enter the workforce. The problem with this is that many colleges have not established social media courses designed to prepare students for marketing jobs. How are students expected to know the ins and outs of social media marketing, if they can’t take a course focused on the topic? Sure, we all know how to friend someone or tag pictures, but we can’t learn how to market businesses effectively through standard Facebook use. (And that goes for other social media outlets as well) Many colleges are starting to explore the same notion, and are beginning to develop a curriculum centered on social media. Colleges are now starting to realize that social media is not just a trend, and that there is real opportunity for students to learn and excel in future jobs, if they are equipped with an understanding of social media.

Respected business schools, including Harvard and Columbia, added courses in social media to their MBA curriculums. These courses are taught by leading social media experts in the field. This is a great start for social media education, but is it really enough? Without the proper knowledge in undergraduate studies, marketing and businesses students are missing out on an important area of marketing. A lack of social media marketing knowledge can be a huge issue for students entering the work force. I propose that students who are interested in a career in marketing should be required to take at least one social media class in their undergraduate studies; not only would this prepare students for the workplace, but it would help evolve the field.

What do you think? Is there enough social media in marketing programs? Are professors educated enough to teach the subject?

-Becky Greenwood