Social Meets Psych & Bruins Launch Den


The Oscars of Social Media Names the Mayor of All Mayors


Last week the 4th annual Shorty Awards (also known as The Shorties) took place at The Times Center in New York City. If you aren’t familiar with the relatively new awards, they can be described as the Oscars of social media. They were hosted by Samantha Bee and Jason Jones (of The Daily Show), who were fitting hosts for the show.

What is really cool about The Shorties is that the majority of the voting is done on Twitter (if you don’t have Twitter you can vote online as well), where people can encourage friends to vote the same by using certain hashtags.

The awards range from the serious, best use of social media for government, to completely silly, like the best non-human in social media! Categories also include different awards for best uses by and brands and by people.

One of the coolest awards handed out this year was the Foursquare Mayor of the Year – which went to New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

As a marketer – this is a great place to learn from the best in the business, with brand categories like Best Overall Brand Presence on Tumblr (Doctor Who Tumblr) or Best Location-Based Marketing = (Walgreens: Check-ins That Make a Difference).

As social media becomes increasingly important for brands and celebrity personalities, we expect to see The Shorty Awards continue to get bigger. Take a look at all the great categories and tell us what category you would add?


Under the Radar: Social Media Can Ease the Psychological Burden of Natural Disasters

Some say social media is contributing to the downfall of a social and communicative society. But there hasn’t been much attention focused on how social media is actually helping us in our social lives. That’s why we were excited to see this new study put out by the University of Western Sydney in Australia. A team of researchers found that social media can actually help to ease the psychological burden of natural disasters. And we believe it!

The study surveyed more than 1,100 people about their use of Twitter and Facebook during Tropical Cyclone Yasi in Queensland, the New Zealand earthquake, and the tsunami in Japan. And they found that social media not only allowed users to act as “amplifiers of official information,” but to also feel less alone. Why? Well, partly because, instead of hearing news from a third party like the news station, social media allows us to hear personal stories and get a more realistic look at exactly what’s going on. This knowledge allows us to feel less of a burden in the moments following a natural disaster.

Have you used social media during a national disaster? These days, I find myself heading to Twitter the second I hear about a potential disaster. Then again, Twitter is usually where I find out about the disaster. And while I haven’t yet experienced a national disaster, I do feel like the community on social media helps me feel more a part of what’s going on with its instant information and connections.


Around the Hub: Boston Bruins Launch Digital Network Heavy in Social Media

We’re not generally used to being first in Boston. And the Bruins are not generally thought to be one of the most progressive teams of our homeland. But after coming in first last year with a Stanley Cup win, they’re making another first in 2012. The team just launched a website that houses all their social, digital, and mobile efforts. The Boston Bruins Digital Entertainment Network, DEN for short, is said to be the first of its kind in the world of pro sports.

The snazzy, well-branded website consists of lots of exclusive video, mobile information, and feeds and links to a wide variety of the team’s social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr. Yes, the Bruins are seemingly everywhere on the Interwebs. There’s even a section on DEN about where to find the Bruins Ice Girls on Facebook! DEN will act as a hub for fans who want to feel that deeper connection with the team and see non-stop up-to-the-second updates. In fact, serious fans may even spend all day on the site… Or at least the entire game time when they’re stuck watching on their couch instead of at the Garden.

Will other professional sports teams be following the Bruins lead? I’m almost surprised it took any team this long to figure it out (especially the Boston Celtics who are usually right on top of all things social media)! Simply having a Twitter and Facebook account is no longer enough and fans are looking for a deeper, more lasting interaction.


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