The Instagram Updates You Need to Know About


With updates happening as frequently as you Snapchat your best friend, it’s no surprise that the social media industry is constantly evolving. When it comes to business, updates are more than just a cool new feature – they’re crucial for reaching the right audience. With the title of the fastest growing social network, Instagram has had its fair share of changes, which are equally, if not more, important than other social platforms because of its rapid and maintained growth. While you’d probably rather spend your days watching this evolution of social media, it’s not realistic, so compiled below is a cheat sheet on the most recent updates, and what they can mean for you. (more…)

What Instagram’s Newest Advertising Capabilities Mean for Your Brand



With more than 300 million monthly active users and nearly 70 million photos shared each day, Instagram has become an important aspect of any social marketer’s strategy. Until recently, Instagram has restricted advertising capabilities to larger brands such as Coca-Cola, Samsung and Dove. In spring 2015, the platform announced they’d be expanding ad availability to brands of all sizes within the coming months, while also introducing new advertising formats and more relevant targeting. So what does this mean for your brand?


Instagram Carousel Ads, Tech For Marriage Equality, Google Bartender, and St. Patrick’s Day

Top Story: Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram is growing faster than ever—in 2014, the social network grew nearly 60%, surpassing Twitter as the second-largest social network. eMarketer predicts that by 2018, Instagram’s user base will top 100 million.