iPhone 5, Boston Time Lapse, iOS6, & FB for History Lessons


Top Story: iPhone 5 Preorders Reach 2 million in 24 hours

Apple’s iPhone 5 was announced last Wednesday, with preorders set to begin on Friday, September 14th. Within 24 hours, pre-orders had hit 2 million units. This makes the iPhone 5 the fastest selling device in Apple history – and they haven’t even hit stores yet.

AT&T reported that their customers ordered more iPhones from AT&T than any previous model – shattering the record of the previous iPhone 4S by almost double. The Apple website sold out of their iPhone 5 stock within the first hour of availability, and the shipping times were quickly changed from the original September 21st ship date to later dates in September and October. This delay is projected to create higher demand in-store, which means longer lines and more tents outside your local Apple store on the 21st.

Technology analysts are reporting that the iPhone 5 will not only be the fastest-selling Apple product, the fastest-selling gadget of all time. It is projected that 58 million units – $36.2 billion in revenue – will be sold. This factor doesn’t account for all of the extra accessories that are required for the new phone. New cases will need to be purchased, as well as new speakers, chargers, etc. that fit the new “Lightening” connector.

What do you think about all of the iPhone 5 hype? Is the new gadget really worth what the numbers are conveying?


Under the Radar: School’s Use Facebook Timeline for History Lessons

Teachers are always looking for innovative ways to teach their students. As our society becomes faster paced, students’ attention spans for textbooks and lectures are rapidly decreasing. An Amsterdam-based school has found a way to use social media as a tool for learning.

Facebook’s timeline allows the user to see the events of a person’s life in chronological order – as if we are recording our own histories. As a class project, students were asked to create a timeline of 4 different historical events – Magellan’s voyages, 20th century inventions, Fashion history from 1950-present and the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. The benefit of using a social network for this activity? The versatility. Students can post text, photos, audio, and videos to describe the events in the timeline. They can also comment and ask questions about the material presented – allowing for a more interactive experience.


This sounds like an awesome way to learn history to me – what do you think?


Around the Hub: Boston Time Lapse

Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life that we forget to stop and look around at the beautiful city we call home. This time lapse video gives us a little bit of reminder.



Tool of the Week: iOS6


Decided not to upgrade your iPhone? Well, you can at least update your software. iOS6 will be available to iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S users on Wednesday. This upgrade comes with a range of new features and much needed updates.

What update am I most looking forward to? Definitely Maps. Turn by turn navigation for the iPhone has been long awaited – and patience is paying off! Powered by Tom Tom, Maps is now equipped with spoken navigation and a new “flyover” feature so you can see your favorite cities and landmarks from the air. With a crisper and clearer picture, panning and zooming will have a clearer response.

A brand new App, called Passbook, will also be joining the iPhone family. This app will certainly be loved by your wallet – as it gives you the ability to store boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards, movie tickets, etc virtually. Just scan your phone and discard them after use – how convenient!

Updates to Phone allow you to choose how you answer your calls (if at all). You can choose the people who can contact  you when you’re in a meeting or taking a nap, and can reply with a text in one click. Also, FaceTime will have the ability to work over cellular networks – so you’ll never miss another call!

Updates to Siri, Mail, Photos, and Safari are also included, as well as an integration with Facebook throughout the software.

I’ll definitely be downloading iOS6 on Wednesday, will you?


The Much-Anticipated iPhone 5 is Right Around the Corner

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the new iPhone 5 at 1pm EST today. Speculations have been developing over the past few months about this new iPhone, and many were right on target. The biggest news is that the new device will run on LTE. This single chip is an amazing technology that has the ability to switch between networks. It also provides ultrafast wireless service. This technology also allows us to use FaceTime via cellular service, though many are curious how cellular providers will charge for use of this technology. iPhone 5 will also be equipped with the brand new Apple A6 chip, which means twice the speed in CPU and graphics.


Although the design has not changed dramatically, the new iPhone 5 will be slightly taller than the current iPhone 4S, allowing for a 5th row of icons on the display. It is also significantly thinner and 20% lighter than the current model. The touch centers for the new device are integrated into the display, rather than the layer on top that is in the current models. This allows for a more sensitive touch screen for more accurate clicking. iPhone 5 has done away with the 30-pin connector and has replaced it with what they call the “Lightening” connector. This connector is 80% smaller, more durable, and reversible – so no more flipping the charger over six time in the dark just to plug in your phone!


iPhone 5 will be equipped with an updated camera which captures 40% faster, has a better retina display, and even has a new “panorama” feature that will stitch your pictures together to create a massive panorama shot. Photos can be automatically shared with family and friends using iSight as well.


The new battery gives iPhone 5 up to 8 hours of battery life on LTE, and up to 10 hours on WiFi. Finally – we can get through a whole work day without our charger! It also has enhanced microphones and a noise cancelling ear piece for better voice calling.


The software update, known as iOS6, gives our favorite apps a much needed update. Siri will now be able to direct you to good movies, post your Facebook status, and tell you who won the big football game. Turn-by-turn directions powered by Tom Tom enhances Maps, and a new “3D mode” allows you to view areas via satellite.


iPhone 5 will begin preorders this Friday – September 14th, and will begin shipping on the 21st. iOS6 will be available to iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S users on September 19th. No surprise with the prices, which start at $199 for a 16GB iPhone 5.