How to Experience New York Fashion Week with Social Media

Of course, there’s nothing better than actually being in New York for Fashion Week, but for most of us, that’s not possible. So, think of it this way: Instead, you can be at home snuggled under a blanket on your couch in a pair of ratty sweatpants with an extra-large bowl of ice cream. No one to judge the designers you are or aren’t wearing and no pain from too-high heels and massive amounts of walking. This is Fashion Week in 2012 and we can all participate in the events online and with social media. Life is good.

Cities across the country have begun holding their own versions of Fashion Week, but nothing compares to the one and only New York Fashion Week. Instead of being forced to wait for your favorite fashion publications to update their websites (though, to be honest, those guys can be pretty speedy!), you can actually watch 30 of the fashion shows live as they stream on Twitter. Not to mention, you can follow along with the brands and their show attendees on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. Consider this your guide to feeling like you’re at New York Fashion Week without actually having to leave your couch. Who’s popping the popcorn?

Twitter: Of course, the most important thing to know is to always be following hashtag #NYFW, but if you find that to be completely overwhelming (really, I was beyond overwhelmed with it before Fashion Week even started), you might want to put together a list of your favorite designers and follow their updates on Twitter. Here’s a great resource of the Fashion Week designers on Twitter.  Or you can follow #MBFW (slightly less overwhelming, but still non-stop). And for the record, @MBFashionWeek does a much better job posting relevant updates than @NYFW.


Even the Wall Street Journal is getting in on the action.  If you don’t care too much what the models are wearing at Fashion Week, perhaps you want to see what NYFW attendees are sporting? People will be using (at least the WSJ hopes so) the hashtag #myoutfitWSJ to show off what they’re wearing as they hit up the shows or the fabulous looks they see on others. Follow along

Facebook: You’ll definitely want to “like” Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ASAP and keep your eye on your Facebook news feed. But be sure to “like” all your favorite designers, too. And any fashion publications whose content you respect. The days of waiting for your favorite pubs to land in your mailbox are long gone as you can see their photos on Facebook first. BCBG already had their show yesterday and updated their Facebook page with lots of fun photos. Bonus points for using Instagram for so many of their photos! I’m hoping they’re setting an example for other designers in the days to come.

YouTube: 30+ fashion shows will be live streaming from YouTube’s Live From the Runway channel. Now you can pretend you’re actually sitting in the crowd. You’ll just miss out on that nifty swag bag.

Google+: Obviously Google will be getting Google+ into the action. Not only will there be hangouts on Google+ (Today with +TeenVogue editor +EvaChen212), but +LuckyMagazine will be posting exclusive behind-the-scenes photos all week long.

Tumblr: I’ll include blogs in here, too. I still prefer the speediness and laziness of Twitter, but if you’re getting your daily NYFW updates in small doses throughout the day, I highly recommend following New York Fashion Week’s feed of all Tumblr posts But Women’s Wear Daily does a fabulous job updating their Tumblr with NYFW posts and Kate Spade always stays on top of their Tumblr.

Pinterest: This is really the first New York Fashion Week where Pinterest has been a huge part of most of our lives. So, we can’t wait to see what designers do with their boards. Be sure to follow all your favorites now, so their pins show up in your stream. And though it doesn’t look like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is doing too much on their Pinterest page, I’d follow them anyway.

Instagram: I saved this one for last because it’s kind of a given. Many designers and attendees will be shooting all their photos (or at least a few of them) on Instagram. You’ll be seeing these show up on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. throughout the week. But you can also go to the Instagram app on your smartphone and follow your favorite designers. Kate Spade on Instagram? Love. The same can be said for Mr. Marc Jacobs.