Halloween…Not Just Candy Season Anymore!

Halloween is upon us and you know what that means – candy, costumes, tricks, treats and advertising. Wait what? Yes, advertising. Many companies take advantage of the holiday by incorporating it into their sales pitches. From candy to candles, advertisers everywhere are using the Halloween theme to attract consumers.

While some companies come up with new slogans for the Halloween edition of their commercials, others stick to what works. Snickers for example stays with its “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”  This commercial staring the “horseless headsmen” and in the exclusive online edit, the “headless horse – man.”



Another company sticking to a theme is At&t with the infamous “it’s not complicated” commercial. I personally love these commercials and dull humor that surrounds them. But the message is clear, to much candy will make you feel sick and At&t is the nation’s fastest and now most reliable 4G LTE network. 


Taking the long route to get to the point is Chipotle in their two and half minute video. Chipotle is asking us to enjoy “the costumes, the decorations and the free candy” and go to Chipotle in costume after 4PM and get a $2 boorito. This commercial features all of the things kids do during Halloween that they shouldn’t, like t-ping houses and smashing pumpkins.


My favorite Halloween commercial of the year goes to Crest and their new line of Halloween candy. Crest invites kids to try their veggie-flavored treats as an alternative to traditional candy. Their reactions to unconventional candy flavors including broccoli, asparagus, beats and tofu ghost-mellows were priceless. Needless to say, the kids hated it, so much in fact they get sick from it. Crest’s lets us know in the description that we don’t have to avoid real this Halloween candy so long as we “keep your teeth cavity-free with Crest toothpastes and Oral-B toothbrushes.” 



The Yankee Candle Company joins in the Halloween fun with its newest iterations of the Boney Bunch collection. The Boney Bunch has been lending a spooky flair to our candle decor since 2008. This year, these figurines are “dying to meet you.” The piece on everyone’s wishlist? Bone White and the 7 Dwarfs, which unfortunately is no longer available. To add to this collection they also have tea light holders featuring a kitty, a boney dog, a train, a motorcycle and a car.


Happy Halloween from all of us at 451 Marketing! How are you celebrating the spookiest season of the year?


*Written by consumer PR intern Jason Baker, psychology major at Anna Maria College Class of 2013.

451 Marketing Honored with Six Bell Ringer Awards


The PR community is buzzing after last night’s Publicity Club of New England’s 44th annual Bell Ringer Awards at the Boston Marriot Copley Plaza. Since 1969, “The Bells” have been bringing public relations and communications professionals together to be recognized for their outstanding achievement. The Bell Ringer Awards recognize excellence in communications and public relations work in every field and industry, and across all forms of media.

I am proud to say, 451 Marketing houses many of these talented individuals.

photo 3

For the second consecutive year, a member of the 451 Marketing team was honored by winning The Ringer Award.

The Ringer Award recognizes a public relations or communications practitioner who has demonstrated steady and significant progress in impacting her agency, and the New England PR community since entering the field of public relations. The award is given to a working New England public relations professional who has excelled in the industry and is known by colleagues and clients as being a model practitioner committed to advancing their personal growth, that of their company and that of the field.

Meredith D’Agostino, Senior Account Executive here at 451, was awarded the highest honor of the night – the Ringer Award. As this year’s “Ringer”, she has been named THE public relations professional who has demonstrated excellence in PR strategy, handling clients and staff, creativity, PR program implementation and oversight, as well as superior written and interpersonal communication skills and professionalism.

Put simply, she’s a boss.


Though I’ve only known Meredith for a few weeks, it is clear to everyone who meets her that she is a smart, talented, hard-working and genuinely kind person. I would have nominated her for this award after a day of working with her.

As a whole, 451 Marketing cleaned house, winning a total of six Bell Ringers.

image (7)


They include:

Members of the winning Consumer public relations team include Karyn Martin, Meredith D’Agostino, Sean Flanagan, Laura Christo, Samantha Melendez, and Valerie Umana. Each of these individuals played a large role in the success of 451 Marketing at this year’s Bell Ringer Awards.



Being a newbie here at 451, I am elated to be a part of such a groundbreaking, talent-filled and fun team. It’s exciting to be challenged and given the opportunity to learn from so many amazing people on a day-to-day basis.

That’s me!!

I hope to be able to contribute as much as my colleagues have to this agency and the PR community during my career in this field. This is only the beginning.

Boston Strong, The One Fund, One Boston Video, BBJ Pacesetters


Top Story: Boston Bands Together in Wake of Tragedy

via http://www.tauntr.com/content/boston-strong
via http://www.tauntr.com/content/boston-strong

“This is Boston,” the city’s longest serving Mayor Thomas Menino said at last Thursday’s interfaith memorial service at Cathedral of Holy Cross in Boston’s South End for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, “a city with courage, compassion and strength that knows no bounds.”

Killing three and wounding 264 (and counting) people, the nation has been rocked by the worst attack on U.S. soil since September 11, 2011. However, just like on that fateful day, people showed their courage and resilience in solidarity with one another. “Nothing can defeat the heart of this city, nothing,” Menino said. “Even with the smell of smoke in the air, blood in the streets and tears in our eyes, we triumphed over that hateful act Monday afternoon.”

In the face of tragedy, Boston and its people showed their true colors. An awe-inspiring amount of tweets, images, and stories documenting Boston heroism continue to surface on the internet. From a photo of a first responder carrying a child to safety to the tweet sent by The American Red Cross about the extraordinary number of people rushing to donate blood, Bostonians showed no lack of courage.


Local businesses rushed to contribute their services to supporting those in need. The Boston Globe set up a Google Doc allowing locals to enter their information to house and pick up stranded marathoners. Restaurants such as El Pelon Taqueria, Legal Sea Foods, Fire + Ice, and Mass Ave Tavern all offered complimentary meals to first responders and emergency personnel.

Boston area college students banded together in support of the victims of the Boston Marathon. Boston College will organize an event with the City of Boston called “The Last 5” where people will come together and walk the last five miles from Boston College to the Copley Square finish line  because “we decide when our marathon ends.” An Emerson student started a “Boston Strong” campaign where supporters can purchase a $20 t-shirt, with all the proceeds going to The One Fund.

The Prudential Center and MIT’s Green Building both shone as beacons of hope for the city.


Most recently, the Boston magazine revealed their stunning May cover featuring shoes worn in this year’s Boston Marathon, arranged in a heart shape. “We will finish the race,” says the cover headline.


Mayor Menino said it best, “This past week, our state triumphed over terror and showed the world the meaning of ‘Boston Strong.’”


Tool of the Week: One Fund


In 24 hours, One Fund Boston raised more than $7 million for the victims most affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. Set up by Mayor Thomas Menino and Governor Deval Patrick, the fund has received a massive outpouring of support from businesses, athletic clubs, celebrities and the general public.

Massachusetts-based company, Yankee Candle introduced the “Boston Strong” candle yesterday, with all proceeds going towards the fund.


New England Patriots owners say their fundraising efforts have netted $617,000, coincidentally honoring Boston’s telephone area code. Even Neil Diamond is showing his support, pledging to donate this week’s “Sweet Caroline” royalties.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support by the business community and individuals who are united in their desire to help,” Governor Patrick said in a statement. “At moments like this, we are one state, one city, and one people.”

The fund is headed by Kenneth Feinberg, an attorney who managed the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund and funds benefitting the victims of both the Aurora and Virginia Tech shootings. In a statement, Governor Patrick expressed his gratefulness for Feinberg’s participation: “Ken has a long history of public service, especially in times of tragedy. He is a child of Massachusetts, and I know he will bring the personal connection of a native son to making sure that the victims of these senseless acts are supported as our Commonwealth begins to heal.”

Donations for the One Fund currently stand at over $25 million. If you would like to contribute, visit the One Fund Boston.


Under the Radar: One Boston Video Captures Spirit of Boston for the One Fund


“We are one Boston. No adversity, no challenge –- nothing -– can tear down the resilience of this city and its people,” the Mayor Menino begins. The film illuminates the landscape of Boston and its iconic sites and scenes to inspire Boston Pride. Check it out.


Around the Hub: BBJ Pacesetters raises over $76,000 in 3 hours for the One Fund


Yesterday morning the Boston Business Journal honored 70 of Boston’s fastest growing private companies for setting the pace of Boston business at their 11th annual Pacesetters awards. Hundreds of Boston’s top leaders gathered at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel to mingle and celebrate their entrepreneurial spirit.

Opening the ceremony was Boston Police superintendent Paul Fitzgerald, selected by Commissioner Ed Davis to act as the BPD liaison officer to the FBI during the Boston Marathon bombing investigation. Welcomed by a standing ovation, he humbly spoke of the cooperation between Boston officials and FBI that led to the swift capture of the surviving bombing suspect. He also explained to the Pacesetters the program rules for their acceptance speeches: three words free, anything after that was a $25 per word donation to benefit One Fund Boston.


This inspired Pacesetters to get creative. Our very own AJ Gerritson, Co-Founder and Partner of 451 Marketing, thanked as many people as he could – his partners Nick Lowe and Tom Lee, his wife and children, his 451 Marketing team, the strangers sitting at the table in front of him, and more.


Pacesetters winner Lee Kennedy Co. began their acceptance speech with some small talk: “Nice tune [in reference to their walk on song]. Was that bacon or ham? [in reference to the breakfast plate]” Winner NEI General Contracting began their speech with the opening lines of Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address”, while the word “wicked” alone was mentioned three times in winner Enservio’s acceptance speech.

The Pacesetters respond with humorously lengthened speeches, but their generosity did not stop there. After one Pacesetter pledged a $1,000 donation to the One Fund, ourselves included, following Pacesetters responded in kind, establishing the $1,000 challenge. Several Pacesetters exceeded the challenge with donations over $5,000 and Pacesetter winner John Galt Staffing even committing to an $8,260 donation.

The Boston Business Journals 11th annual Pacesetters awards was an inspiring morning that highlighted the best spirit of local entrepreneurship. In just three hours, donations for the One Fund totaled over $76,000. “It was an incredible display of compassion and civic pride,” said BBJ Publisher Chris McIntosh. “These companies displayed the kind of commitment that symbolizes Boston Strong.”

We would like to congratulate the incredible peers with whom we shared the honor of a BBJ Pacesetters distinction. Let’s continue to stay Boston Strong and see you next year!